Anyone do yoga?

Was wondering if any of you are still limber enough to do Yoga, and if it is beneficial, did catch on the news that unless you are properly instructed that you can break bones! UGH!!

Yes -gentle yoga. Highly recommend it and with a reputable studio you are typically asked to provide your medical information in advance. In my experience many of the instructors have some medical training and can provide multiple ways to perform certain poses to minimize discomfort and risk of injury. I have taken classes with women and men of all ages, sizes, and athletic abilities. It is a great way to meet people and do some gentle stretching. If you decide to try it, let me know how you like it!

Hi Flower,

I have only tried it in my living room with tapes, before all this hit me and I was pain free, and med free. I worked out with a Denise Astin tape every morning, it was stretching, cardio, and yoga all in one, then I went on to the Yoga tape, kick boxing too! I liked it, but can't get down on the floor to do anything now, can't get back up very well either, have had to crawl into the dining room and pull myself up by the table, damned near pulled it over on myself. Bought my Chiropractor a Swiss Chalet over that, and that was light stretching! ha! Sometimes I am much better than that, but not always. Weather plays a huge part of my problems.

I have gotten so well at times I thought I had beat this, then out of the blue something crashes me and I can spend 6 months in bed crawling to the bathroom. It's insane! I'm far to hard headed and determined to give up or give in!

It's the car riding I can't take. I did join the Y took the Arthritis swim classes, went on to take swimming lessons, but when those still undiagnosed attacks I was telling you all about hit, the Rheum said no more pool, for now, that was almost a year about.

No, wait I talked about the attacks on my PsA site... that's another chronicle for another day!! ha!

So how are you doing now, feeling any better? Surprised the storms didn't carry you away!


At the studio I go to some folks do yoga seated in chairs. The instructors really cater to everyone with a wide array of medical limitations.

I would recommend pool walking in a heated pool if you get permission to hit the pool again. Even five minutes is beneficial as long as I do the hot tub afterwards. I have to wear pool shoes to save my poor toes.

Was stuck in the tornados, rain, and awful beltway traffic. I survived! :slight_smile: definitely was a crappy day to break a tooth and venture out in the storms.


Just what you need yet, a broken tooth!! Something else to ache and thump and cost a lot of money!

I attempt to do yoga... gentle, easy yoga. When I am able to, it helps a little bit with any tightness I may have. I try to do it at least twice a week...but that usually turns into only one time during the week for only about 5 minutes.

It all helps, Cayce! That is still 52 x a year!!! Hope you are having a good day and making some friends here!