Yoga Suggestions?

My doctor has been suggesting yoga for months now, but I just can't get the motivation to do it. Part of it is because, well, I'm afraid it will hurt like most movement does. However, mostly it's because I have no clue what I'm doing. I don't want to look like an idiot or do anything wrong and end up hurt, but I also can't afford going to classes or private lessons. Are there any websites that anyone knows about with good information on BASIC yoga stretches, especially ones good for fibro? Any help would be appreciated!

If you have hypermobility in your joints, yoga may not be the best exercise. I personally prefer Pilates, taught by a physical therapist who knows about my body and I stick with the basic core mat exercises. If you do decide to try Yoga, go slow and find a knowledgeable teacher who can modify the positions and exercises to meet your needs. Look for a physical therapy studio that offers classes designed for people with chronic pain and limitations. Good luck!

I recently started yoga per doctors suggestion and it actually really helps!!! It hasn't really minimized my pain, but the stiffness is better and my mobility has increased. I downloaded an app for my iPad that works really well (also works on iPhone and iPod touch). It's 99 cents, and has lots of good beginner poses and programs. It has options to have an instructor explain different poses and everything. You can also subscribe (less than $20 a year) and get tons more programs. I REALLY recommend this for anyone starting yoga who can't go to a class and such. They also have a free app to try first if you desire.

I realize not everyone has iPads/iPods but if you do definitely, definitely, definitely give this app a go!

Yoga can be really helpful or so I've found. The key is to not over do it with the stretching and pushing yourself too hard right away. I do really slow and stretching yoga daily and sometimes that is the only "peace" I get from my pain. I can still feel the pain but the stretching feels so good it makes up for it. I do have to becareful how much I push myself though because even though it feels great, the after effects when my body starts tightening again can hurt pretty bad. I usually do what they call sun salutations throughout my day because it gives me some peace and helps calm my mind. If you can do the basics for a few weeks on a set schedule and get through the initial pain, it will probably really help you if you keep it up. Good luck!

I saw a lady on public TV that showed her yoga video called "Easy yoga for arthritis". It also works for any type of chronic pain. She lets you use a chair or whatever to support yourself and urges you to not push to the point of pain, adapt the move for your own body's limitations for that day. Her name is Peggy Cappy. I also saw 2 other videos just called "Easy yoga stretches" which is possibly the best we can do for our bodies. I hope to start swimming soon too. My Doc said he only wanted me to do exercise that was gentle stretching, use those elastic band resistance training, and walk.

Thanks for the insight, everyone. I started yesterday with a 1:1 yoga instructor who knows a bit about fibro, and she seems like she's going to work out awesome. It felt GOOD. I was a bit sore last night and still this morning, but we'll see how it progresses. I also start PT this week, so my body is going to hate me for a while. :)