New Questions!

Hello fellower fibros so glad I found this site. I am also going thru menopause and was wondering if anyone else have the burning mouth sensation if this symptom if fibro. Ugh it is dreadful.

I wish I could help w/menopause. I keep you in my prayers

Hi LaDonna and welcome to this site! There is so much information and experience here and I hope it helps you.

I sometimes get a numbish burning sensation in my mouth. Infrequently. Kind of like needles and pins, like when you sleep too long on a limb. Is that what you're referring to?

That's certainly possible! You can check the side effects for your meds online. It may well answer this question for you.

Welcome LaDonna, someone may respond with the same symptoms. I have not had burning mouth, but I have experienced increased sensitivity to toothpastes and even some foods that are acidic. I've been dealing with menopause for nine years and still waiting for it to stop causing me grief. :'( It does get better as time goes on, less intense symptoms. At least it did for me.

Take care,


Burning mouth - oh yes!! I've been off toothpaste for almost 8 years now. I use baking soda with whole cloves to flavour it. I usuall make up a jar and let it sit for a few weeks and shake it now and again to get the cloves to mix in well. My burning mouth and bleeding gums stopped in a few weeks and my dentist says that it is as good as any toothpaste. And really folks,, it's a whole lot cheaper too. I also have stopped all types of soda and stick to water and watered down fruit juice. This also helped with the burning. Good luck!

The burning mouth could be from something else, I really cannot relate to it, it's about the only thing I DON'T have! Hope you can get with your Dr and figure this out!

Thanks so much for your respond . It is sometimes so overwhelming dealing with all this stuff going on with my body. I am going to try your mixture.

Thank you this hot flashing and the excessive sweating from some of the meds, whew . I know there is hope .

Yep I have had the burning mouth syndrome the first time when I stopped a medication but I still get it on and off at times. I hate it! Everything tastes bad and it can hurt quite badly. For those who havent had it it feels like when you burn your tongue but all over your mouth and it does’nt go away after a few hours like it normally does. Last time I had it lasted a couple of weeks. Nice to know I am not the only one!

There are always so manythings to discus with my doctor I am sure I may have mentioned it at the moment we are focusing on trying new medication (anticonvulsants) and seeing a specialist for my stomach problems. Thank you for the hugs! I think everyone on this site needs one! xx

Thanks so much. I have sent him a symptom diary before but my symptoms seem to change so much all the time that it gets difficult. For instance tonight my left knee is hurting, my muscles all over are aching and mouth burning. For some reason my head feels to big for my neck! Lol! And have had constant sinus pain as its Spring here at the moment. I was really tired this morning and felt completely out of it from the new medication. Tomorrow hopefully I will feel better. I try to be hopeful every day and see it all as a new adventure and just really appreciate the good days and the great friends I have had supporting me! :slight_smile: My teenager daughter says she doesn’t feel sorry for me though cos I am not dying of cancer!

yes i am in love with my heatppack and body pillow! lol!

HI Dominique!

Hope things go well with the new meds and the Digestive specialists. I know these meds can play havoc on our digestion. Before starting on Biologics for my arthritis, I had to use Sulfasalazine, after 3 months of that, I had a stomach ulcer, and of course the pain meds always constipate.

Sending you a big hugs back! Always nice to hear from you. Wishing you well,


Thanks SK. The new meds made me feel really out of it the first day. I had to get friends to drive the children around. I think the anti convulsants may be helping a little already with some of the muscle pain that I get first thing in the morning but my back is causing me a lot of pain today, hopefully will be better by tomorrow. I have noticed that I feel slightly more drained in the mornings but that could also be because it is getting quite warm here now. So still on pain meds but hopefully the anti convulsants will start working soon and I can go off them all together except occassionally. I too worry about what they do to my stomach as I already have problems in that area.I see the digestive specialist Tuesday and thyroid specialist Wednesday, so I am calling it specialist week! Lol! And big hugs to all ()

The anticnovulsants will help with nerve pain, which I am sure you deal with, but you need something for bone pain. I have stenosis too, mine is the tailbone. It is closing up and curling up, so I understand this pain very well. It is a huge reason why car riding is so excruciating for me!

The antiinflammatory I take is Oxaprozin The stenosis was caused by Psoriatic Arthritis and I also take Enbrel to slow down the progression of this disease. The beauty of the Biologics is that they bypass most of the systems of the body where we have side effects, like the stomach. These are also different from chemical medicines in the fact that they can pinpoint the area where they are needed right down to the very cell and go directly there! They really are the drugs of the future.

For pain I take Opana, after taking Phenergan 30-60 minutes before, to prevent stomach upset.

I hope this is a help to you. Wishing you well!

Big hugs,


Hi LaDonna,

I've recently been going thru menopause and burning mouth is one thing I haven't had - but I did want to say that going on replacement hormones ( the lowest level they have) Estrinol.. has done wonders for alleviating the other symptoms like:

high anxiety, hot flashes, night sweats ( horrible - and interfere with sleep)and more intense Fibro-Fog than usual.

So, for whatever that's worth.

Wondering if any rinses for sore-throat like Cepacol would temporarily numb your mouth until you can find a more permanent solution. Good Luck to you!


Thanks so much for that info. I will ask dr. when I go back for my results from testified esophagus scope having acid reflux bad.