Itchy mouth, chin line with a bit of burning….A symptom of Fibromyalgia?

I have heard some people say they get a burning like feeling on their face but not many, mine is around my lips, my nostrils and around the whole chin area, it burns like sunburn sometimes and other times it's an annoying itch like something is there does anyone else have this happen too? If you do what is it you do to relive that? anything? I am using hydrocortisone it kinda helps but not with the burning sensation. Does anyone find relief of symptoms after a very hot bath?

yeah mine is random too, but daily. I have told the doc's too they both, PCP & Dermatologist asked if I changed anything in diet/washing liquid and I really did nothing except for laundry detergent I went with the no dye same brand I was using lol so that shouldn't have done anything. I'm constantly touching my chin/cheek/lips/nose to relieve the feeling there. It's like a bug crawling feeling, then the burning. This sucks! Do you also have your heart kinda jumping and also feel the esophagus jump when it happens? My lungs are clear from the blood clots months ago and the mass they saw is now gone, BUT I"m still having breathing issues. they can't find anything wrong with my heart and just gave me more reflux meds, they are blaming it on the reflux. When I called my doc last week with so many different symptoms the nurse called me back and said, the doc does not know how to diagnose you he told me to tell you to go to the E.R. brushing me off? lol

My scalp/head does too!!!! but I also have Psa and psoriasis all in my head so I put it to that, I guess maybe this darned fibro has a hand in this too. OMG you too have the jumping heart and the jump in the throat too. can't believe it, I've never heard anyone else saying they have this happening. ANd no testing has shown anything, Not yet anyway, Doc told me the burning and weird facial feelings is not fibro, he has no clue, I really want to see first a woman doctor and two one who takes me seriously.I do too I do not have a heart murmur but it is a crazy feeling sometimes I even feel like air is coming up the esophagus after it jumps. It's like a beat jumps right out of your chest THEN the jump in the esophagus right after. They are doing a holder monitor on me probably next week or the week after. Watch it won't jump when the test is going lol

I so do wish you luck! thats encouraging and I would love to find a fibro specialist hope they can make some changes for the better for you

Yea my doc has mentioned anxiety too but I don't have anxiety, years ago maybe when family problems existed. But I don't freak out, I'm pretty calm until I do procedures they scare me as they don't put you under anymore for some pretty invasive procedures so yea I have anxiety then but not in general.