New site

I can not get to the chat room .i am very lost

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i can’t get into it either.

Hello, hopeful and suzie
It’s Seenie from ModSupport. I can’t get in either. There, that should make you feel much better! LOL
I thought I had it figured out the other day, but obviously I was mistaken. :wink:
Never a dull moment!

Thank you for the update to the new site change…Soft Hugs for everyone!

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Hi. I can’t seem to find where the members are. Thanks for any help.( Cottoncandy)

Bless you, Suzie, I can’t seem to get anywhere either!! It will take me a while to work all this out!
Take care, Anne

Members can be found by clicking the tab on top "members’ its shows by default all members active in the last week. just click on the time frame to change it. You can click on any of the columns to order the member list by that columns name. Its a pretty nifty feature

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So why are we doing this they way we are? Its pretty simple. We don’t own our own servers. It would take about 150k to purchase and set them up. Then would have to have a physical location for them another several k per month. We would then have hire a full time administrator to operate and keep up those server an other 1300/day. yesterday alone uptime robot report 100 and some network interruptions that were take care of with in 60 seconds by Discourse, something would have to do ourselves (thus the need to have a full time administrator monitoring the network) To add the custom features, some have said are “easy” would require at min a 60.00/hour a programmer who could develop custom plug ins for the open source software we are using.

Ning dropped all of this which is why we had to change. We have had communities down fro days at a time. We even had on completley lost last year. By sharing resources with others and using a Hosted Discourse plan instead of spending 40,000/month to do our own thing, we spend less than 2,000/month allowing us to have many more communities and keep everything running.

Yeah its bit complicated to use .css plugins for things like “chat” that go to other sponsored servers. But only on the set up. Once you are in for things like chat, its seamless. I’m more than open to ideas for raising the 100,000 dollars per month to do our own thing. I can give more details to anyone interested. although right now the ONLY priority I have is to migrate and save the data from our last three communities.


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Thank you for all the work you ,the mods,the admins do to allow us to have a
place to meet, get info, chat and share experience’s. I understand you
have to make whatever necessary changes and I am very grateful .I am sure I will adjust to them and I want to thank you for all your help and patience
with me.

Thanks so much:wink: