Is anyone else having trouble with this web site? I cant get into chat and it says 2 members on line but doesnt show who.?

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Hi Fuzzy, you should see a green dot next to the speaker symbol on the members online box, if you don't see that you will need to click on the wheel symbol that is in that box and click "connect to chat." That should bring up a list of the members online who are connected. This does not mean however they are in the chat room, sometimes members online aren't wanting to chat. You can always go in the chat room and post a "hello" and see if someone responds, it really varies greatly on response. The best way to get and give support is by posting and responding to discussions. Many more people read discussions. I hope this helps, please ask if you have any other questions. Hugs!

Is the web site down??? I cant get into anything.

I have been in and out of the main page and chat room
. No problem here