New symptoms

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’m new here and would like to make new friends that understand what is going on with my body. I feel like I’m being taken over. Every couple days I am developing a new aggravating symptom. This week, I started experiencing the “wet feet” feeling. Today, I have had hot flash feelings from head to toe. Grrr… Am I being overly sensitive???

I've been having hot flashes all day long. I just contributed it to the warm weather.

Welcome. No you are not being over sensitive. I would suggest that you keep a written log of your symptoms to discuss with your Dr. It seems that each of us have an issue with 1 or more of our sense. Mine is more touch and sight. I have read on this site that some have ear pain. Just be patient with yourself and I hope you have more good days than bad.


Have you started any new meds. I started one a while back and had hot flashes. Keeping a diary really helps and you can tell if some thing you are doing makes things worst. I like making new friends and i hope you find this a friendly group

I think Fibro is different, but the same, for each of us. I think they don’t really have a handle on it, and maybe never really will. You are not being over sensitive, because we are all going through something similar. We are part of the forum so we can have the support.

I have written rants, than deleted them, never to post them. Sometimes it helps me just to write down what’s going on. But, if you need to, rant away. We all need to rant/cry/vent, because we’ve been dealt a rotten hand with our health. The important thing is to not give up, cause it’s harder to get going once you do.


I have such an array of ever changing symptoms I need an encyclopedia! However the most annoying is a very heavy mucus discharge vaginally ( sorry for being graphic). Menopause has come and gone several years ago, but now this including on about half the days blood. Anyone else? Any fixes, I know better than a cure! Treated for yeast several times no change.

Welcome, I agree with purplebutterfly. Right down your symptoms so that your doctor can better treat you

Holy moly. .me topology…at first I thought I had a whole in my shoe…

How topology got in there who knows…

But now it’s moved up to thighs…I also get hot feet. .

I hate it when my phone corrects my words…I don’t think you are overly sensitive. If I use my hands and get too much they fall asleep…I’ve emailed my Dr about this and he thinks we should write a book on it!

Hi Faye, yes that can be a symptom and I have problems with from time to time. One thing that help me was RepHresh Pro-B which I got at the pharmacy over the counter.

Hi! No I am not over sensitive. I go through the same thing. I still trying to get use to it.

Gently hugs

I have had a really difficult time with my feet. Cooling them off helps a lot, but that is difficult to do when I am at work. the bottoms of my feet radiate heat and they feel like they are on fire!! I have so many symptoms of FMS and CFS, but when my feet started giving me most of the pain that I feel, I started doing more research into other things that it could be. I found a study that was done last year where it was found that women with FMS have millions more nerve endings and blood capillaries in their hands and feet than women who do not have FMS. This makes a lot of sense to me. Now I just need to figure out what kind of treatments will give me the most relief. Narcotics do not help. Lyrica only works part of the time and only at high doses. I have ordered a treatment that contains bloodroot and other natural herbal ingredients. I am going to give it a try!!!

Thank you all for your replies! I feel awesome knowing that I’m no longer alone :slight_smile: I get so down during my flares. I hate complaining to my husband and BFF. Thank you for being so welcoming.

Hi,I have felt those feelings as well ,including water dripping down my legs
Legs and a total body hot flash.i am a new member as well and would love to hear more about symtoms…

Hi Lexblue and welcome!

Nope, you're not being too sensitive. Our bodies can experience so many odd sensations with fibro. I get the wet feet. Hot flashes, too. I've found that caffeine seems to trigger my hot flashes. So chocolatey stuff, Diet Coke, etc. Maybe you can see if yours has a trigger. Or not.

This illness is odd. You'll probably experience more in a year with fibro than you have for 20 years without it. But it's always good to check in with us to see if what you're experiencing is shared by others with fibro. Of course we're no doctors, nor are we replacements for one, but sometimes we can sniff out if something sounds more serious than usual and tell someone to "get thee to a physician!"

thanks for joining us. Your question was a very good one.



Hi, I’m 45 and had fibro. since I was 19. Some of my symptoms: yes sweats, hot flashes and I’m not menopausal yet! Head aches, sensitivity to smels ( perfume, hair products, soaps) ets. Pain standing, pain sitting down. Spring time cold sores breakout and the list goes on. My co-workers think that I am nutts. My boss thinks I’m a hypochondriac. So, you’re not overly sensitive. I would like to know as well if there are more people like me out there? HUGS!!! Stay strong, Elena

I am new to all this and this site as well! When diagnosed I was with one doctor. Saw her again once and then she left the practice! Started over in the fall with a new, younger doctor and she is amazing. I see her again in the morning and appreciate the suggestion to write down my symptoms. I hate being at the doctor's office and saying, "I did have that, but can't remember when or the circumstance." Arrrgh! I love to read all the comments and it helps to know that I am not alone in all this. Someone said they hate to "complain" to their husband and BFF. I can relate to that. However, my husband and adult daughters are wonderful about it. They pretty much say that I took care of all of them for so long that they want to help me take care of myself, too! Are they great, or what? Work is more difficult - when I call in sick because I just can't do it that day, my boss doesn't say anything, but I always feel as though I am not pulling my weight. Anyway, that is my problem. I haven't had the wet feet feeling, but have noticed on the bottom of one foot, when I am barefoot, it feels like I have tape in one spot. I have looked so many times and there is never anything there. You'd think I would stop looking, but that isn't the case. Don't you all wonder sometimes if you are going crazy? I know I do. Also, can anyone tell I am a talker? LOL!


No you are not being overly sensitive. It comes with all kinds of quirky things. Just need others to allow you to feel better with what is going on with your body. It gets tough down the road and you will be grateful we are here to help. I'm slm and it nice to meet you. I will pray that you are feeling better soon.