New to FM seasoned Vet with the pain

Hello, my name is Niccole I am 32 and was given the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia 3 weeks ago. I have been reading over some of your comments and post and feel like one of the lucky ones( Sorry) I have a great doctor that ruled out so many other things before he gave me FM diagnosis. I have had MRI's with and without the contrast to test for MS and Park. I have had blood tests to rule out hormones and thyroid issues. I have had the nerve test done to see if it was a nerve disease. Done the journals, trigger test (tender spot). He has had me on 3 or 4 different meds to see if they help...none did. That's when he told me it's FM. I feel better knowing it's not going to kill me but I am disappointed that there's not much that can be done about it.

I little bit about me, Like I said I'm 32. A wife and mother of two wonderful and healthy babies. 8yr and 6yrs old they are truly GREAT kids!! I'm not sure exactly when the pain really started because I have had issues with my knee's since I was a teen but they always told me it was just growing pains. I should be 7 ft tall by now!! I never had a sports injury or an accident to explain it. I started getting migraines about 4 years ago but they just told me it was chronic migraines and that there was nothing to be done. They would come in 3 to 4 month waves as I call them. 4 months of DAILY headaches followed by a few months of relief. Then about a year ago they didn't stop, they were effecting my work, I couldn't trust myself to do my job ( Drive Semi's) because the pain would cause me to loose me sight. I am now driving a desk. My GP at the time ordered an MRI where they found a lesion on the right side. I was sent to a neurologist who didn't care to hear that I was in a lot of pain. He told me it was do to stress that the migraines had started again. I was left without much to go on.

Then last November they got to be so bad I couldn't take another day of it. I started to have pain throughout whole body, things that never hurt were killing me. I started going numb in my right butt cheek ( still am ) but I couldn't be touched . I went to see a new Neurologist who started looking deeper and running all kinds of test. He kept listening to me about all my pains and kept asking questions about pain that I thought was just normal. Turns out your not suppose to be in pain all the time!!!! 3 weeks ago he told me FM for sure.

Now here I am walking blind into a condition that really doesn't have a physical indication for what I am going through. I don't want to me to be the person who is always complaining about being in pain. Or the mom that can't do things with her kids because of it. I have always been the rock or the tough girl. I hate asking for help and don't know how to slow down and take it easy. I love to be out doors with my family or riding shotgun in my husbands 4x4. I don't know what the future hold for me....

Hello Nicole,

Well it sounds like you checked everything out from top to bottom and I commend you on doing that. FM is a crazy condition and you will get a wide variety of feedback from those on here. Don’t let anyone scare you and you are the one who has to stay on top of what is best for you.

I am sure your doctors will try a variety of different medications and keepin trying until you find what works best for you. You will find that folks on here have a wide variety of pain and many times they have other underlining conditions. With all the tests you had done it really sounds like you at least have a handle on what’s going on with your body.

I will just add my two cents since I was diagnosed three years ago and like you left no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of my pain. I have a remarkable Rhemotologist who listened and changed men’s several times. I found that I do water therapy 2-3 days a week at the YMCA which helps, I PUSH myself each day to move more and it helps. Seems many Fibro folks are not active and overweight which does not help this condition. I also eat Extremly healthy, very little sugar, one cup of coffee a day, no pop and no alcohol. I cook everything from scratch, no boxed prepared foods. I did tons of research on activity and eating and since I adjusted those things I remarkable have much better days. On top of that I found that cold weather is my enemy so livening in Michigan, being retired I was able to spend the winter in Florida.

I know many of th things I spoke about are specific to me and what I am doing with much success. You need to take a big breath and settle I to what fits your lifestyle with a husband and two children.
You MUST remember try your darnedest to stay positive each day, get up tell yourself I am going to make it through this day no matter what. Once you are up look into the bathroom mirror and self- talk yourself about what a great Mom and Wife you are and that you have the strength to make the best of your day.
Sending you hugs and Good Wishes!


Thank you for your response. My doctor did talk about exercise, I am trying to push just a little bit further everyday. Yesterday was a snowy day ( I live in UT, not as bad as MI) and I hurt all over, it's stupid but it hurt to brush my hair it felt like I did with a knife and 50 lbs brush lol. I see maybe the cold is going to suck for me too!! Thank you for your positive attitude and for letting me know that it doesn't have to stop me. I kept reading all these house bound stories...THAT WILL NOT BE ME!!! So here's to healthy eating and healthy living!!! I love to cook too so maybe I'll start more from scratch again.


Welcome to the group! It took me 7 years to get diagnosed, and I am fighting through lots of pain, brain fog, and docs who want to push pills for depression. I started with a new PCP in September and thought she was great! She really listened to me, but now all she wants to do is talk about depression! I went to pshyc and he just thinks i'm tired from the fibro and put me on Adderrall which sometimes helps.

I made the mistake of hiding how bad I hurt on a daily basis from even my husband, and he didn't understand that even on my good days it was a struggle. So he thought when I had bad days I could do better "if I just tried." Once I let him in on how bad my good days really were he started helping more on my bad days rather than pushing me beyond what I am already pushing myself.

This community is a great resource and I suggest visiting the Positive pick-me-ups section regularly, a long with the daily good.

Should I be posting my joinery as well? I’m new to this and don’t know how this all works. I would love to walk you all through my journey of the last past 3 years but where do I do that? As long as you are already being part of a community, it’ll make a world of difference. I wish I did this early. I didn’t realize I wasn’t alone. Good job and following through with your symptoms and doing everything you can and have gone every route with Dr’s… You are not alone. Are there blogs like this for husbands? I don’t know how my husband is doing his job and what my duties were as a domestic engineer. And the difference its made to our income with me not bringing in any income from doing hair. He even made me a salon in our backyard. I cry when I look at it. Been trying to find a use for it. All I can say is don’t give up, follow your gut and change your lifestyle into a clean and healthy diet. Welcome to the journey of living with a silent disease. It’s not silent here! So happy to be apart of this. My inner self already feels the healing of so many things. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.