New to group

Hi, new to the group. I just wanted to say hello.. I am hoping to make some friends here that understand the the daily struggles with FM...I was finally diagnosed about 3 years ago but had pain along time before that...I get tired of feeling fatigued, achy, and like crap most of the time as I am sure all here do...

Hello cowgirl,

Glad to see you are posting, you will find our members very friendly! We are all going thro similar things and we love sharing information and advice. wish you well

Take care, Anne

Welcome to the site!I have found this site very helpful,i am sure you will too :)

I too am here for friends that understand what it feels like to hurt all of the time. My family just does not understand. Ive been on here for about a week and find that no one is hardly here. I guess the thing is to read posts and leave messages hoping to get a response. I would love to start a group that meets in the chat room at least once a week to discuss how we are coping and to get some answers.

Thank all of you for responding..It seems like a great group....I too would like to chat with others, Maybe just leave a message as to a time you will be on and we could meet up on here.....Have a great day all....smiles...


Yes I think if you reply to posts and start discussions you will get some interactions. I think, also because this is a global community ( I am from UK), it can be hard to hook up in the chat room, because of time differences. So I think the idea of agreeing on a time to meet in the chat room is great. attre9 and cowgirl.... get communicating!

Take care, Anne