New to the group

Hi just want to say hello as i am new here and haven’t posted yet. I have
been diagnosed with fibro for a few years now but think it’s been going on lots longer. I go through through most of what I have read on here and do not have anyone i know personally to relate to. Glad to have found this group.

Hi Eve,

Welcome to the group! Glad that you have posted!

Most of us can certainly understand not really having anyone else to personally relate to, if we do they are very few. That makes the group very successful, having people to discuss the many aspects of chronic pain and exhaustion with, seem to lighten that burden.

Most of us can now look back on our life and see that this has been with us most of our life. It could be the fact that it always took us longer to get over something than other people, and it could range from something as simplistic as a cold, or as complicated as a surgery.

Hope you have some good Doctors in your corner, they are priceless to us!

Wishing you well,


Glad to have you. God bless and feel free to share.


You've found the right place. We'll all understand what you are going thu.


Hi Eve. I hope you like it here. I haven't been here long either. I get a lot of help from these great people. Hopefully I can return the favor some too.


Hi "eve", I think mine was going on much longer too. I think that is pretty standard because it mimics other things. It is nice to have support and very essential!

"energy healing" (Susan)

Welcome Eve. Glad that you found us. I am fairly new also but feel like I have known these people forever. They are my blessings and my strength when I have a bad day.

Hi Eve welcome!
I was glad to have found this group. It was my last resort but now that I have gotten to know the group, my only regret is not getting on here sooner. : ) hope to talk to you soon !


A very warm welcom to you. barb

Hi Eve and welcome to the group

Hi Eve and welcome to the group

Welcome to the group Eve!!! I am newer to the group and you will find the greatest and most positive support here. So glad you joined :-)


Thanks for all of the replies. I feel very welcomed!

Hello Eve. Glad that you are here. Where are you from? I am a nurse living in Houston.

Welcome Eve! So happy to have you part of our family! I know how you feel about not having anyone to talk to. Family and friends get so tired of hearing me complain of pain and fatigue. That’s the main reason I joined.

Hi Marie, good to hear from you! How's life with you these days?

I am so glad you have joined us,
it’s so nice when a new member introduces them self , it opens the door for others and the support just flows…
Thank you for posting that you are new , we look foreword to getting to know you
Join groups, send out friend requests, read & comment on discussions and feel free to ask questions
Hugs & blessings

Hi Eve, This site will make things so much easier to deal with. Just having people to listen and really understand can be amazingly therapeutic. Everyone here has been so wonderfully helpful and I don't know what I would have done if I didn't find it!



Well, welcome Eve! This is a great place for support and to vent..