Not feeling so good lately! ? Menopausal!


Just feel I need to chat, not feeling so good, for some reason my anxiety which is normally well controlled has flared up, knotted tummy, feeling jumpy and twitchy, and my left knee and arm ache like mad for no real reason! ? having a flare!

Also I've been getting daily facial, head and neck sweats, more tired than usual and more muzzy headed, I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago, so with no periods it's difficult to tell if I'm now menopausal, will get some bloods done I think! More blood tests!!

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow, I certainly don't want my anxiety back for long! as that's not pleasant.

Shall have an early night I think, and read my book.

Thanks to anyone who reads this for listening so to speak!!

Lucy xx

I do hope this does not last long. Enjoy your book.

So sorry to hear this, Lucy. Maybe it’s the weather, moon or the increase in pain that gets us in these moods. I am feeling the same way you are. It started last week and couldn’t stop crying. My therapist is on vacation and I don’t see her until next Wednesday. It’s been over 2 weeks and I’m not sure if even talking to her would help. I’ve already gone through the whole menopausal ditty so I can’t use that excuse.
To better tomorrows, Lucy ~ hugs~ Sandi :slight_smile:

Lucy, I’m so sorry your having such a crap day !!! I don’t suffer with anxiety, but my daughter does & it’s just absolutely horrible, so I can empathize with you not wanting it to back for long !!
Hang in there, maybe it is menopause ???

Hugs & blessings
dee B

Hi dee B,

Many thanks for your support, I can't put it down to anything other than age! Will get checked out.

Happy Days!! Feeling a bit better this morning.

Love Lucy.

Hi Sandi,

I'm sorry you too feel like I do from to time, but it's also nice to hear from others who do, that's why I now wouldn't be without this group, I don't know anyone in my family or group of friends who have these chronic illnesses so you guy's are my rocks!! My husband is great but he's "normal"!!! To me I no longer feel "normal" I'm ok but I feel the "old Lucy" left me 3 years ago and have had to adapt to a new me!

They say life begins at 40, perhaps that should be a "new life begins at 40"!

I do feel a bit better today, onwards and upwards!

Thank you so much.

Lucy xx

Hi Kholmes,

Thanks for your reply, my hysterectomy was due to severe periods and anaemia, I only had one child, emergency c/section at 35 weeks, I had a ruptured uterus so they had to get him out quick! He's 25 now and a such a loving healthy son! They debated about a hysterectomy whilst I was on the operating table, but as I was only 21 they patched me up instead! But then warned me against having more babies as the risk of future rupturing was then even greater, so they may as well have removed it after all. In the end I was so scared of getting pregnant again that I was sterilised at 23.

I've still got my ovaries but they say that they stop functioning sooner than women who still have their uterus as well, so maybe at 47 it's my meno time! What a joy!

Will get levels checked and see what doc says.

Am feeling better today.

Many thanks, Lucy xx

Hi Tammy,

Thank you! It's lovely to know you're there.

Feeling better this morning but will get bloods checked I think, that's about the only blood test I haven't had this year so far!!

Love Lucy xx

Hi, feeling a bit better today, only managed 2 pages of my book! was so tired!!

Lucy xx

Hi Lucy I'm afraid you are in menopause if they took your overies when they did the hysterectomy I'm surprised you don't know, if you are having menopausal symptoms, such as anxiety, night sweats, insomnia, no period obviously for you but if you have overies you can still produce estrogen the female hormone that controls all theses symptoms. If you have no overies you go straight into menopause no matter how old you are if your symtoms really bother you as do mine I went on HRT hormone replacement therapy I couldn't function or cope with menopause symptoms and fibro at the same time so I just slap on a patch every 4 days and it helps a lot. You can get more natural herbal hormone replacements but it works out to expensive for me. Your Dr should have it in his notes about your hysterectomy but a simple blood test will tell him wether you have any estrogen in your body then it's up to you what you want to do about it good luck with it Jeannie

Hi Jeanie,

Yes I do still have my ovaries, it was a sub-total hysterectomy, just the uterus removed, but the gynae said I might go into an earlier menopause than normal as the ovaries tend to lose function sooner without the uterus being there apparently which is why I didn't need HRT from the start but perhaps I do now!!

Do you find the patch better than a daily tablet?



Hi Crynsugar,

Will get my bloods done I think!

As an ex-nurse I've heard of 2 uteruses and when I was doing smear tests I once saw a lady with 2 cervixes! I could've done with 2 uteruses! My single one ruptured at week 35 of pregnancy, if I'd had a spare I might've had more than one child!!!

Lucy xx