Now I feel weird

Hi! This is so weird. Wednesday I could barely walk and spent most of the day in severe pain lying on the couch. That evening I started feeling better. Thursday, Friday and today , I have had very little pain. I haven’t taken any Aleve. Then I got to thinking, maybe I’m ok. Maybe I’ll never be in pain again. Maybe I don’t have fibromyalgia. Maybe gabapentin is working and I can lead a normal life. Maybe I should find a full time job as a nurse. It’s been one month since being diagnosed. Am I crazy to be thinking like this? Am I in denial or uneducated about this disease? Does fibromyalgia go into remission? I also haven’t felt much fatigue today. I was very busy today. No problems. I have been in a lot of pain plus fatigue , every day, until Wednesday night. Is this normal?

If you rest and take meds, do gentle exercise you may continue to improve. My sister did get better because she got treated early. I got it 30 years ago and didn’t get diagnosed and treated till 3 years later and got worse. There’s a good fibro book by devon Starlanyl. Educate yourself.

Hi everyone, been off here awhile, off work for over 1 year now and as a nurse I miss work. I was denied disability 3 times and have had to decide to go back to work, hard for me since I am having so much fatigue. I have to beat this and continue my journey living as best as possible. I have had more issues recently, my knee on left leg has a horrible pain, about enough to get to an er but I made it thru. Please tell me how can I get thru working early mornings 12 hour days and live with fibro? I need advice. I take meds for this, I wish I had someone to physically pick me up and get me to where I need to be at times. I hurt alot, I ache, but life is what it is.
Am I dreaming of working full time or killing myself?

Hi sorry to hear that you are suffering unfortunately this awful disease is relentless good days and bad credit card I have it for 30 hrs diagnosed properly 15yrs ago been on every pain killer going reaction to all now coping without anything wracked with pain evey day what works for me or should I say distract I mean is try keep distracted & rest when you can unwilling learn to cope with the honestly I know it’s hard but chin up

Hi there, I am a nurse and work full time but I work M-F 8am-4:30pm. It’s a clinic setting. I have a hard time getting up & getting ready, i have to make myself actually. The exhaustion is crazy bad but i take caffiene pills and i drink espresso to help me wake up. It is possible to work full time I’m not gonna lie its a battle. But you can fight your symptoms & make it thru your day. Good luck & God bless!