NY Times states that FMS patients may be less responsive to Opioid painkillers and why!

In general, this article is much more impressive than info from the major teaching hospitals around the world. Other examples are that FMS does not cause swelling, that the type of sleep problems we have cause breathing problems, that we are lacking in a growth hormone that promotes bone and muscle growth,we have lower levels of stress hormones, and consider a physical stress anything from an infection or exercise! Surely worth the read!


We should give all of our Doctors a copy of this, it is that good!

Just to let you all know, when I post information, I do NOT always agree with it, but I feel it is something we need to know when dealing with Doctors, hospitals, Insurance companies, Social Security, Social Services and other bureaucratic establishments! We are always at a disadvantage, so the more we know, the more hopeful we can be of the outcome!

I take Morphine, and chances are I always will, so please don't miunderstand my intent! You just let someone come after my Enbrel or Morphine!

Thanks for the information. Very enlightening article. I’m at the beginning of my journey and I have learned to take things one moment at a time. Being informed helps me to make better decisions when I’m faced with situations that are life altering. So again I say thank you.

Thank you so much for sharing this article. Having been recently diagnosed I found this article very informative and definitely think it is something I can share with family and friends to help them better understand Fibromyalgia. Of course this presents more of the clinical side and as we all know it’s often more difficult for people to understand the ACTUAL physical and emotional aspects we experience on a daily basis, but I think this is a good start. I feel like it’s something I could print several copies of, use a highlighter to mark the areas that are most relevant for me and pass the copies around for others to read and understand. Thank you again for posting it.


This is an amazing amount of information.... more than I've seen anywhere. Fantastic find, SK !

Thanks gals, nice to have that meeting of the minds! Can you believe how thorough this is?

littlejld, here is something you may also like, it's on the opposite end of things, but just as good!


Absolutely Lavidia! We all need to vent, moan and groan sometimes, but we also have to be our own advocate, and the better armed with good knowledge we are, the easier the battle for us will be!

Pretty name by the way!

I know Renie, I just kind of tripped over it! To partially quote you, "This makes the info from the highly esteemed University Hospitals look like the receptionist wrote it!" This is a home run for the Times!

This is great, SK! Everything from A-Z, all in one article. And there's a lot! Finally, fibro emerges as not just an illness that's all in our head. Oddly enuff, my favorite part was about the jumping legs during sleep because I get it every night and it always startles the heck out of me. It's nice to see it IN PRINT as being fibro related.

I'm glad you found and shared this article, SK, and I'm going to copy and keep it for future reference. Finding any info on fibro is like searching for hens teeth, so it's nice to finally have a trove of info.

Thanks, SK! I just showed this to my husband. He is a physical therapist and had a preconceived notion about fibro. He read and said he learned some things.

I learned as well. I didn’t realize the connection between migraines and fibro. I always saw them as separate, but it makes sense! I can relate honestly to childhood trauma in my life. I don’t know how that correlates with anyone else and not sure if it had any hand in my fibro at age 24 in 2000. I know, for me, it is a fact when I get stressed or upset, I have more pain and migraines. I have been having the longest, worst flare of my life though, and I can’t pinpoint any unusual stressors. I really just don’t know. It’s been 3 months so far. Fibro stresses me, along with my daily stress and anxiety.

I’m so glad to have found this support group. I realize I’m not alone!

Best regards,

Hi Deena,

I'm terribly sorry you're having a terrible 3 month long flare. Here's a possible thought on stressors which may have caused it: I too have had childhood trauma. Sometimes the fear and horror comes out at night, in my dreams, even though I'm feeling ok during the day. Have you had any nightmares/upsetting dreams that you can remember? I know I work some of my trauma out while I'm dreaming. I know it's a stretch but maybe your flare came on from a nighttime memory that you recalled while asleep.

PS: Hooray that Jerry Sandusky got 30-60 years. 400 would have been more like it, though.

I hope everyone reads this, as it covers so many things that we bang our heads about!

worth reading. barb