Oh ... not again!

It seems I am in the process of developing thrush AGAIN! For the past three days, I have been having horrible back pain, dry mouth, cough that is nonproductive, hip joint pain worse than usual. Today, I discovered the coating on my tongue. Why does this keep happening? I am not on antibiotics. The back pain is indescribable! What I can I do to prevent this? I swear I can't get a break for two seconds.

Hey Susan I have a doctor appointment with PC and will be asking him to test me for yeast. I have numerous problems and thing they are associated with yeast … Do this have occurred with you before?

My mom got a random tongue thing when i was little. I will ask her how she treated it tomorrow and post her suggestion to you.

When a kiddo I had cared for got something strange she had to gurgle a solution, you could use google for some at home options to mix up.

Like honey and lemon in a warm water and drink it to solve the sulfer stomach issue my daughter just had.

I don't recall fibro causing thrush but thrush is associated with lupus. I've read that thrush can make your pain worse.

Your dry mouth could be related to meds you're taking. Many meds cause it.

I can't answer anything else but you should call your doc ans ask what to do to prevent it in the future. Are you on any meds for the thrush?

Oh Susan, I am so sorry that you are having a reoccurence of Thrush. I think it's time to see your doctor or perhaps you have already done that. Do you get some kind of medication for it? Two weeks ago my Candida decided to wake up and start giving me problems. But I have a cream for it. But if it doesn't heal soon I might have to see my doctor and he might choose to give me a different medication for it.

I hope your problem will quickly be resolved.

Hi Susan, there is an oral rinse ( prescription) that will get rid of the thrush, but the big question like you said why is it happening…??? alot of research on yeast overgrowth… Has yielded many answers to fibro, there is a lot of data that points fibro causes, to yeast overgrowth. Have you heard of leaky gut ??
I am trying the anti- inflammation diet because sugar in our diet not only helps the yeast grow, also causes inflammation. to much candida in the body can cause alot of things to happen at the cellular level that can then causes muscle pain, joint pain, back pain… This is just what I have discovered about yeast and how destructive it can be in our body.
Being that you have thrush… I would wonder if you have to much yeast in your body, which for many explains some of the fibro… Worth checking out !
I hope you feel better ,
Hugs & blessings


Hi Susan, I have taken probiotics for years, even before meeting my Chiropractor, who swears by them, and they will help prevent or shorten the time of having thrush.

Oh Susan!! You have got to be kidding me!! You have gone through so much! I have been dealing with a bad flare-up in my back today - so I haven't been in the best mood! You poor thing - you are getting hit every which way! I wish I could help you on the thrush problem - but I have never had it. I am sure other people on this site with give you advice. As far as not being able to get a break - I am agreeing with you totally. Every time I breathe a sigh of relief, up pops another Fibro problem or something related to it. We should get paid by the hour (good wages!) for all the attention we have to put forth for our problems, you know? Please!! - take care of yourself - as I know you are doing everything possible right now. Love, Laurie

Yes. this has happened once before. It seems I was developing a cold. I usually have back pain before getting sick, but this was freakin ridiculous pain.

I'm not on any meds for thrush. Last time, I had an oral rinse. If I have a yeast problem, I wonder if there is something I can take on a daily basis to keep it from overgrowing.

Does a doctor have to prescribe probiotics?

NO, not at all, they are in grocery stores, pharmacies, on-line. My MD's are all for me taking them!