Another connection to fibro--Candida

Has anyone gone through treatment for candida in connection with fibro? some doctors believe this can cause fibromyalgia. This link explains

I read most of this will have to get into it tomorrow! I wouldn't be at all surprized if we are all loaded with it! I was just talking to my best friend and she was saying her little grandson has a diaper rash that they cannot get rid of, bet it's yeast! I told her to try monistat on him see if it worked, that way it would let her know what it is.

I was just treated for a yeast infection along with a bacterial UTI, that was right before the chest pain and a pdq stress test! Still need x-rays and blood work, UGH!

I shouldn't even complain after what you just went through! Way too much!

I think you have more will power than anyone I know, just how you can modify your diet and stick to it amazes me! Go girl!

Maybe I'm just stubborn. :") I'm talking about yeast in the blood, not just yeast that you can see. I don't have any visible yeast symptoms left, but still am symptomatic for bloodborn. That website kind of explains it. That why I can't use progesterone. The yeast feeds on that too. My pharmacist confirmed that. She said it's in my system and until I get it balanced out, I'm not going to tolerate progesterone either.

Doctor said that the candida/yeast bores into the intestinal wall and that can cause the leaky gut, then it goes into bloodstream, cellular level. Then every time you eat or use anything that makes the yeast proliferate, you've got symptoms ocurring. I know it's hard to believe the concept because we are all so conditioned to believe what the "modern" medicine preaches to us. Ironically, the treatments they usually give you like rx drugs, just make it all worse.

I received a hand-out from my dr on the Yeast Diet as well as a special type of tooth paste called AP-24. I can provide more details if interested-

I am to follow this diet as I just finished treatment for a UTI by antibiotics. I also purchased a new toothpaste & toothbrush. Apparently he believes that Yeast is an issue with fibromyalgia. I will ask more when I see him next week.

Oh, great Sunflower, more antibiotics. They make the yeast worse and are alot of times the very cause of the yeast problem. Well, at least the doctor recognizes that yeast is a problem with fibro. I know UTI's have to be treated but I had one two years ago and my naturopath gave me an herb called uva ursi which I took twice a day and in less than a week the UTI was all gone. It actually worked better and faster than the antibiotics that I had used in the past.(without the side effects) Now, I would only use herbs under a doctor's care. Hopefully, you don't ever get another UTI, but if you do, ask your doctor about it.

I haven't had the oral yeast problem, but good to address that part and I agree with changing the toothbrush. Did doctor advise you on probiotics and prebiotics to help with the yeast?

Thank you for posting this web site, i responded to it under my post "A Hint of Hope" I learned so much from this site and i am so glad you posted it for everyone. Anyone with fibro should pay attention if they are on antibiotics, perhaps we should be treated with nystatin when on antibiotics, or at least pay attention to any increase in fibro symptoms. THANKS ALLERGIC !! im taking the article to my dr.

You're welcome. I'm glad your Hint of Hope discussion and this one are getting some responses. These conditions have to be treated for any hope of improvement. It's just a shame that more doctors are not aware or don't get the full picture. That's why I seek out doctors who practice from a holistic standpoint along with regular medical. Hopefully, these doctors will help enlighten some of the others. There is hope.

Hi allergic,

Candida is a yeast in the system and caused mainly by to much sugar and if it overloads the body it then becomes an autoimmune disease added to fibro and it does intefer with your thyroid besides other symptoms.

There are two forms of fibro and this link below explains them.

Terri xxx

I've had 2 friends tell me I have all the symptoms for either celiac disease or an overgrowth of yeast. I'm not buying the celiac, but there could be something to the yeast connection. For the first time in my life, I had oral thrush a few times in the past year - only once was it related to an antibiotic I was taking. Tomorrow I go for an endoscopy - my PCP said it could show if yeast is causing some of my problems. (Acid reflux, throat problems, & CFS to go with the fibro.)

Hi Liz, probiotics are a must with an antibiotic! I take them daily. I also take Spectrazyme supplements to help me digest food. After having my GB removed, I thought the problem was over, no such luck. But both help me and the Spectrazyme keeps me from getting Gurd. I did discuss this with my Doctors before taking them.

Isn't this a drag? At this point, I don't really want to live on weeds and seeds! UGH! Did that! Gonna have a hard time getting that chocolate marshmallow milkshake away from me, girls! And I'm sticking to it! LOL!

ha ha you crack me up. Weeds and seeds. Well you can eat organic meat and those nice veg's that you grow. :') The milkshake....ugh...maybe carob, nut milk and stevia?? I know you're sticking your tongue out at me right now!


Yeah, that's good and it is what I've learned also about the candida and autoimmune and thyroid. Hashimoto's thyroiditis is autoimmune. It's like a domino effect. My blood sugar goes low and that's part of it too. Ugh.


I have had some killer soy icecream, but that is so far to go to get it! I'm in nowhereville as far as access to that stuff. I have Stevia I bought for my husband, he hates it. Nut milk, well maybe, soy is not bad, I don't use a great deal of milk, but I do always buy organic milk. It is important for it to be here for the boys, as they are milk drinkers!

Oh yes, do enjoy our fruits and veggies we grow here, for sure! I don't have the palate for most 'health foods', the wheat free bread, the cheese not made from milk, the burgers not made of beef... can't go much of that stuff! The weeds and seeds have much more appeal really!

Glad I make you laugh, some days sardonic humor is about all I have to offer up! HA!

Hope you can get over all of this recent trauma! I miss you when you're not around!

Aw, you're so nice. Thx. I was thinking back remembering when the very first mcdonalds opened in my childhood neighborhood, and they scared everyone saying that they were using kangagoo meat in the burgers. Now, we'd be lucky to get kangagoo! :")

I had Strep as part of my UTI. It needed to be treated. I’m taking Theralac pre/pro biotic which seems to be working well. Can explain more offline if you’re interested in what is going on- I don’t have signs of yeast in my mouth it’s part of a whole anti yeast diet

If you’re interested in chatting I have celiac and am supposed to go on an anti yeast diet


I've been on this type of protocol before few years back but I didn't get it licked. Today, my doctor told me that when you have the yeast long enough, the yeast actually develop something called "bio-film" as a protective mechanism and then it becomes resistant to treatment.

Also, there was a question about how they measured tartaric acid and the validity of the web link that I posed in my discussion topic. I spoke to my doctor today and seems that it is correct and valid and that they are called "organic acid tests". He said that Great Plains Lab was a very good Lab, also Genova Labs have comprehensive panels that include that test also called Metabolic Analysis Test, which is covered by Medicare. I'm just putting these websites on for reference


I'll be going over my diet with the doctor next week.


Thanks. Not sure if I mentioned I have Hashimotos as well.

Doctor says he thinks my low thyroid could be Hashimoto's too. I haven't been tested for that but he wanted to know if any other doctor checked me for it.

How did they diagnose you for the Hashimotos?