Lets look at Fibromyalgia from the perspective of one of our nurses

Our barb5ash has often said that she feels Fibro is an autoimmune disorder of the autonomic nervous system. So lets look at the definition of that system.


Barb, please let me know if this is a proper definition, it seemed the best of my choices.

Sounds like it fits to me!

Well, they're looking at it Barb!

I agree completely. At least once a week, I run a mystery fever. In last 6 months I’ve had the mumps, on one side. Now we’ve all been vaccinated for this, and you have no idea how painful ! Also anybody heard of candida of the mouth ? Going into the throat. ( yes that’s a yeast infection) looks like grey layers on your tounge. And lol the hospital immediately thinks you have aids !! GOOD TIMES. If not treated it will run down and close off your esophagus and into you stomach.

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There are many in the group who fight Candida over-growth. There is a sug-group for it, and you can access this and all of the others, just by clicking groups at the top of the page. Also on the discussion page top left is a search engine, that will bring up all posts on any topic.

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This would explain many of my "undiagnosable" problems, like chronic tachycardia and about 10 others.

Robyn, yeast in the mouth is thrush and it can hurt like raw mouth and throat. So sorry you have that. Welcome bu the way!

I keep re-reading this and the more I read it the more things click! We are so fortunate to have so many nurses here with us!

Great info - thank you!

Are the sympathetic and parasympathetic neural systems all part of the central nervous system? I am curious because I have central cord stenosis, spinal injuries, and fibro. (Plus more, but not relevant...) I deal with radiculopathy as well as CMP, and so I have a particular interest in what is CNS and what is peripheral nervous system.

Thanks again!

Susan (Scribelle)

As I understood it, yes, but would like for one of the nurses to reply to your question, please.

Everything I have read said it is not Autoimmune or an Inflammatory disease. That is what baffles everyone! Has anyone read differently then that??

Susan (energy healing)

They are. From a trauma point of view (or just stress) the Sympathetic Nervous System kicks in when you are feeling a threat (real or imagined). It raises your blood pressure and sugar and slows digestion while raising your breathing and heart rate too, in preparation to fight or flee. In contrast the Parasympathetic system works when you are calm and this is why we teach relaxation to interrupt the panic/startle response. Breathing will stop the automatic Sympathetic response and kick in the Parasympathetic.


Yes, I have read that it is considered Autoimmune by some, though there is not a tremendous amount of info out there, and a good deal of it comes from the UK! Lets see what I can find for you, Susan.

According to this link, it was ONCE considered an autoimmune disease, I did not know that.


This is interesting


I cannot quickly put my finger on this info, in fact I have simply tripped over it in the past, and may be able to even find it in the archives of our posts here. Will be sure to bring it to your attention when I find it!

Thanks SK.

I didn't know that either. I believe the theory that it is caused by trauma (emotional and/or physical) which throws the body off balance. Trauma physically changes the brain especially if it starts young. I have had many many many traumatic things happen to my body including car accidents, surgeries, broken bones, severe abuse and illnesses. I had a Very bad case of Mono many years ago and this all feels like Mono without the sore throat and fever. However I do have tender lymph nodes on my neck and a lot of pain and fatigue after exercise (usually the next day) which is also a sign of CFS. Who knows what it really is? The body and mind are interconnected so everything effects everything else! I Just want it to go away! I used to run from sunup to sundown and then some.

Susan (energy healing: I noticed another Susan on here too)

You are so right, "it's all one unit" as my Chiropractor says and in these days of highly specialized medicine, this basic always seems to be tossed aside!

I think we all did, perhaps it's an 'illness of overdoing', which goes back to the stress response theory, which I don't think can ever be ignored, regardless of how you define it! It is the "unit's" response to being pushed past resiliency.

I read somewhere that it tends to be women who take care of everyone else, do too much and then get sick so they have to stop and take care of themselves because they weren't listening to their bodies and souls.


Oh, no doubt! There are rare instances where I have seen it reversed though, where the man was the 'mother hen, do it all'!


Thanks for that reference. The reason I think that this condition arises from the autonomic nervous system because on the face of it and I know nothing about fibromyalgia other than the experience of living with it, it seems to me to be the only thing that really accounts for all the weird symptoms that we have. The odd pain here or there that seems to me to be a nerve pathway, or the palpitation, the racing of the cardiac muscle , can be explained I think by the lack of adequate sympathetic stimuli. It may well be that the problem is at the neurotransmitter level, the substance that carries messages from one nerve cell to another. Also, it could be at cell level, messenger RNA, I don’t know but to me it feels neurological!! I also think that there is a feedback mechanism that influences the thyroid. We are a mystery and research is needed just like they did for AIDs and have now after thirty years found a cure for a baby with AIDS. As an ex researcher I know that it takes a lot of money and to attract a lot of money we need benefactors! I am very open to being completely wrong I just want some real action to getting a cure for this comdition. Cheers Barb

Hi SK, this sure does have me thinking… The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is part of the nervous system, and I do believe fibro attacts or affects that system with out a doubt ! The ANS is responsible for involuntary things like blood pressure, our heart beat … Ect, things that work without us having to think about them.
Many disorders cause havoc to this system… Makes sense that fibro does also
I’m going to look this up, I know the ( ANS ) is a complex, but this could explain a lot
I have to hope that the researchers will figure out that fibro does cause havoc to every body system
Hugs & blessings

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I think all of our nurses, should post their thoughts more often! We need your vast knowledge!

Thanks for this, Barb! I AM paying attention!