Opinions on medication?

Hi All! I am currently on Cymbalta and meloxicam(Mobic) every morning and trazadone at night. On top of the pain, I am always tired.... and not just 'i didn't get enough sleep tired,' I'm exhausted!! My mom is really beginning to worry. I don't feel like my current meds are helping as much as I would like them to. I have an appointment this Friday with my rheumatologist and am considering talking with her about other options. I have done some research but it looks like the 3 options are Lyrica, Cymbalta and Savella. Lyrica wasn't my doctors first choice for me because of the side effects and weight gain. I think I may consider Savella but was wondering what kind of experience others have had with it?


I'm sorry I won't be much help either. Typically anything I am prescribed makes my usual sleepiness much worse, but Cymbalta, for me, seems to have helped my energy level -- not at first though. When I was first prescribed 30mg, I had HORRIBLE sleepiness, then my Rx was increased to 60mg and I was really worried about it. But, illogically, it gave me energy I haven't had in a long time.

Everyone's chemistry is different and I can totally relate to the horrible sleepiness.

Sadly, exhaustion is a symptom. I wish 'they' would come up with something to help with that.

Good luck.

I was taking Cymbalta and lyrica together the Cymbalta did help it just took awhile to get in my system. Make a list of questions to take to your doctor with you sometimes they will want to wait awhile to give things time to get going good. I have not taken savell . the lyrica was alright when I took a devided dose but when I started taking the whole dose at night I did have a lot of weight gain. rember everyone is different Will be thinking of you.

I have been on Savella for a few years… I stick with it because it helps with the fatigue & it lifted that crazy cloud off my head the one that made me feel like I was on a roller coaster of " how could I possible feel so bad " I can’t function until I take my Savella, only side effect was a little nausea & I break them in half and take with food.
Many cant take Savella, but for me it helped… A lot !! With in 10 days I started feeling better ( mentally ) and the longer I took it the more it helped.
I recently cut back the dose, just to see if I could :slight_smile: I’m still tired all the time, but as long as I take the Savella I can function much better than when I wasn’t taking it … Hope this helps

dee B

Hello auntchac and welcome! It's nice to have you joining us.

I just wanted to weigh in here about the exhaustion - my best friend was on Cymbalta, She used to have tons of energy but once she got on the Cymbalta, she lost it all. And she kept complaining about always being exhausted and how it worried her. Well, after talking with her doctor, she got off the Cymbalta and what do you know - her energy came back immediately! So yes, it's possible that the Cymbalta might be tiring you out, although the fibo can also do it.

Some people here really like Savella. I've also heard a few complain about it. I think it's one of those meds that you have to try for yourself to see how it reacts in your body. But I have no personal experience with it myself so can't help you there.

It's true about the weight gain and Lyrica but I think the worst of mine came when Nortriptyline was added on to help me sleep. If you ever do end up on Lyrica for whatever reasons just beware that it can make you soooooo dizzy. i felt like i was drunk, looping along the streets.

Good luck!

I agree, Petunia Girl, I recommend trying a med for yourself. Ask your doctor how long you need to be on it to see a change and then ask them what is required should you want to step down. I was on Lyrica for about 48 hours, called my dr and said "I'm done. I'd rather be in pain..." and she stepped me down.

I have more energy with WB XL, some people don't. I also get energy from working out, odd as that sounds. I'm perpetually tired but that comes with the deal so I've learned to deal, take breaks, drink a ton of water, and so on.

I'm also not a big fan of pharma and refused from the beginning to be put on meds because I was scared of the pill tree issue as well as dependency. But every person is different and reacts differently.

Praying for everybody!

Just a warning . . . I had a very hard time coming off the Cymbalta. I don't know what dose you are on, but you could talk to your doctor about maybe splitting the dose. I was on 60mg - was taking it at bedtime because it was making me sleepy. But then I was waking too early, so we tried doing 30 mg in the am and 30 mg in the pm. That worked for a while, but emotionally, I was like a zombie. So I decided I wanted to come off of it, but it took MONTHS for me to get fully weaned. Had to take Prozac for a couple of weeks to ease the transition.

Now I'm wishing I hadn't come off it because it WAS working. I'm suffering, but I can't try anything new just yet because I'm going to see a GI doctor next week about the nausea I've been having and we don't want to "muddy the waters" by starting any new meds before then.

Wellbutrin has increased my energy level by about 60%, I actually don't feel like I am dragging myself around anymore or pushing through a tired blurry day. I also take effexor with that for pain. You might want to ask about Wellbutrin. Hope you find something that works for you.

Robin J