Cymbalta vs

Hello there everyone! I'm new to the site and I have been finding it very helpful! I was diagnosed in Oct. 2012, but I started noticing symptoms in May 2012. I was on Gabapentin for a while, but it only increased my nausea, dizziness, shakiness and lightheadedness. It never made my excruciating headaches any better. I have had all of the MRIs and CT Scans with all normal results. I even tried the trigger point injections, which were HORRIBLE, without any relief. (I changed neurologists) I also recently saw the Rheumatologist who confirmed my Dx and didn't prescribe any type of meds and sent me on my way. I recently went to the pain clinic and they want to switch my Cymbalta (which my PCP and neurologist have had me on since Oct. 2012, 90 mg currently) to Savella. I haven't really noticed any differences from being on the Cymbalta, other than feeling worse, so I wasn't sure what to do. I would really appreciate your imput!

Gentle Hugs,

Fibrofighter :)

P.S. EVERYONE HANG IN THERE! I'm one of those people that always needs an extra hug in her life, so I'm sending out gentle cyber hugs via the 'interwebs' lol! Take care and God Bless! <3

Dear fibrofighter,

I just responded to your post, as my pain meds kicked along with the exhaustion, and it was a jumbled up mess, so please allow me to rewrite this tomorrow.

Just know that I understand so much of what you have told me in your post and in your profile!

Sending you love and hugs!


Dear fibrofighter,

Savella takes time to build up in your system, I know, another 'hurry up and wait' situation, but unfortunately that is a road we often seem to travel. I hope that given time, Savella will make a difference for the good, as far as how you feel.

I have been through all of the trigger point injections as well for disc, facet, I can't even remember the names of all of them any more, I just know that they seemed to just make me worse, even more aggitated with pain and was nearly untouchable, though there are many out there that are helped tremendously by these treatments.

Understandably, you were not super impressed with the Rheumatlogist, but give him a chance, please, I still feel they are our real hope of finding relief. I sought the 'quick fix, magic cure, make me better now', but was told finally at the Univ of MD, by the chief surgeon of adult ortho spine dept that "surgery will only ever make you worse, my opinion is that of Johns Hopkins, unless there is remarkable dysfunction, surgery is not an option".

You see, it was a car accident (3rd time rear ended) that kicked this all up, I kept telling them I had 'broken bones'. Come to find out about 7 years later that this is 'referred pain' from Psoriatic Arthritis, a genetic autoimmune disease as my Primary disease. Though that seems forever for an answer, my Rheumatologist, who is also an asst Univ Professor, that until recently the average time span for a diagnosis for this was 30 years! Even then the treatment options were very limited.

As for fibromyalgia, every Dr you speak to has a different definition of the term, of the condition. My Rheum describes it as being CAUSED by chronic pain, this pain changes the brain, until the entire body is in pain. So then we go back to the substance P theory. Now on another thought, my Chiropractor did not like the dx as fibromyalgia, because of it's lack of universal understanding, he dxed me as 'myofascial pain syndrome. and RSD

I know you are in pain and very frustrated, oh how do I know, but please give the Rheumatologist some time. I am very surprised he did not do blood work, unless your PCP and neuro had already done them. Give the Rheum a chance to get to know you, keep an on-going list of symptoms, even if you feel they are insignificant. If he remains to be 'unremarkable', then please get another Rheumatologist.

Please know that we are here for you, and that you can vent to us, ask questions of us at any time. NO matter how frustrated you may get, please don't give up. Keep on these Drs, learn all you can about your current diagnosis, and know that we have to be our own best health advocates. Sometimes we have to ask for better care, better meds, better understanding.

I wish you well, and will talk anytime! I hope that something I have shared will help you, on some level. Please stay strong and focused!

Love and hugs,