Need help!

I have recently been dianosed with fibro but believe i've had it for aleast 20 yrs. Same story as many others right?

I have cervical disk disease and had cervical spinal surgery in Feb. 2011. Since the surg my fibro is off the chart! Pain is almost unbearable :(

Two months ago I was started on Savella and after 6 weeks the side effects were almost as bad as the pain. I am so confused. The constant pressure behind my eyes and nausea are horrible. Also was so angry and agitated on it my dr added busbar to help with the anxiety.

Is there anyone else who has tried this medicine and had to take a lower dose? I am taking 50 mg twice a day. I am going to try to take 25 mg twice a day starting tonight!

I did get an amazing amount of pain relief with the med but am starting to become scared with side effects. My vision is also blurry.

Any help would be a blessing, Tina

Hi Tina,

Savella was my first med with the Fibro dx. I noticed right away that is was a great mood booster for me, except for the extreme constipation, I did very well on it for several months, and then I began to shake uncontrollably, so that was the end of that, but many tolerate it well and have very good results.

Others go on to try Cymbalta, Neurontin, Lyrica... some only use naturals, some use a combo of both. It just depends on what you are battling. Seems as though if you had spinal fusion you should be on an anti-inflammatory.

Now you know I can talk about all of this as a friend, but I am not a Doctor and not giving medical advice

You can go to the top let of the discussion page and type in anything you wish to know and it will bring all of the discussions about that up for you to have a look at.

The more info about yourself that you put on your profile the more help it is for us when we try to find you info. When you can is fine!

We are so pleased to have you with us, hope you can find out everything that you need to know and make some good friends in the process!



Hello Tina, welcome,

I've tried all the rx drugs and only ended up with more intolerable symptoms on top of everything else. I'm one of the ones that go natural. I have gotten most pain relief by following a strict anti-inflamatory diet, and no sugar, no high carbs, no processed foods. I try to buy organic as much as I can afford. I also eliminateed gluten, corn, soy, sugar, dairy and caffiene from my diet since I am sensitive and/or allergic to them. I rest when my body needs to and drink lots of water. I exercise mildly as tolerated yoga, walking, stretching just so i don't totally fall apart.

Also, I stick with integrative physicians who are MD's who practice regular medical and alternative methods to treat their patients. This is what has helped me. Everyone makes their own choices. I believe you can get rid of fibro and I think that the doctors are learning more about the origins of the condition each day. I choose not to pollute myself anymore with rx drugs that never helped me. But that's me. If you are having bad side effects, you might want to start with diet changes and reducing stress levels and you might be able to wean off the rx's. Just my thoughts on the matter. I hope you find what works best for you.



I am just starting to read up on diet and fibro. But what do you eat? Lol I used to do weight watchers and found that not only did I lose weight but felt much better. I was eating lots of fresh fruits and vegtables and limited processed foods.

Recently I have been thinking about trying to go back to that way of eating. The only bad thing is I hardly ever cook. Its just my husband and I and we eat out most of the time. Its so nice to not have to cook and clean up!

Also when you says no high carb foods, are you talking about simple carbs? I try to have more complex carbs and stay away from simple carbs.

Thanks for your support, Tina

Yes, Tina, I mean simple carbs but I eat lean meats and lots of veg's. An anti-inflamatory diet is what I follow, but I also have some additional food sensitivities so I have avoid those too. I rarely eat out.

Ablood posted a couple names of documentaries that are interesting, one in particular is "Food, Inc.", "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and another is "King Corn." If you haven't watched these, you should. Tells alot about the foods we are eating and I feel it is part of the problem with all the chronic illnesses that are plagueing us all.

Take care,



Thank you so much for the info.

Hugs, Tina