Savella for Fibro?

Hey all.
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2 years ago and have been on Lyrica the entire time. At first it seemed to help my pain symptoms but now I feel like all my doctors want to do is increase and increase the dose because I am not seeing a change. I am sluggish and just feel ugh awful. Also I learned this week that soon my rheumatologist will have to send me to a pain clinic in order to get my Lyrica prescription because it is a controlled substance— yay.
Anyway, my husband is a physician and has told me that he has seen good outcomes with patients that he has prescribed Savella. I was wondering if anyone is on Savella or has any experience with it?

I don’t have any personal experience but I can tell you that in January 2009, the FDA approved Savella to help manage fibromyalgia in adults.

So, basically, it’s been tried-and-true for fibro patients and officially has had good results via FDA human trials. Since Lyrica isn’t working so much any more it sounds like this may be a good change.


Just and FYI - I have tried just about everything for FM out there (non-opioid), and I asked my Rheumatologist about Savella and she said that she has quit prescribing it because of the many bad side effects her patients have experienced.

I have been on Savella 50mg tab’s for quite some time. It was 'scripted 1 in the morning & 1 in the evening. I felt sluggish & out of place during the day. I talked to my PCP & was allowed to take 2 at night. It makes me sleepy & I do pretty good on it. Light, Love & Peace. Maggi

I have been on both Savella and Lyrica for many years now.
The combination kept me from having any major flares for about 5 years. I then was under a huge amount of stress and my Rheumatologist added a Butran patch. I’ve since then been able to go off the patch and was doing great until dx’d with RA and now lymes disease. If it isn’t one thing it’s another!

I was on Lyrica and then Savella was added. This combination stopped major flare ups for about 6 years. I had to stop taking the Lyrica due to suicidal thoughts. The Savella alone was effective for a short time and then stopped working. Certainly worth a try for you.