Hi. I've noticed in all the discussions that one of the medications (drug) not mentioned is Percocettes. I know they are a narcotic but they work! They contain aspirin and oxycodone. I take the lowest dose and take a maximum of 2-3 a day depending on how my day is. My doctor watches over how many I take and how often because she doesn't want me to become dependent on them Too late! I don't care at this point if I become dependent because I need to have a life and the Percs do that for me. When I take one I get about 4 hours of relief and can do things - like running errands and cleaning my house, etc. Here in Canada one has to show ID when picking up the prescription. So....I am wondering if anyone else out there takes Percs?

well from what i know drs do not like perscribing that drug b/c u cant get anything stronger in that class. 1st u have tylenol w/ codine then vicoden or narco same thing just less tylenol in narco,then comes the oxicodone in many forms u can get it alone,w/tylenol,or w/ aspirin. it is usually reserved for severe pain and those with bad cancer. dont get me wrong i know we do have severe pain but like i said drs like to try other pain killers 1st b 4 going to that i know with me the highest strengh narco doesnt always work 4 me so oxi would b the next step. i think when oxi doesnt work the drs use pain patchs. alot of times i wish i had some form of oxi cause i am pretty sure they would work a lot better than the narco

Thanks for your reply. I have never heard of narco or what it is, nor anyone I know who has the same problem as me who takes vicoden. My doctor has never mentioned these and I wonder if it could be because I am in Canada? I have a feeling that Canadian drs. have a different outlook on prescribing pain killers. In fact, there is legislation in the works here to ban anything of an oxycotin nature. Unfortunately I have to take the percs because I am taking care of an invalid mother who cannot walk so I have to be painless anyway I can now and hopefully will wean myself off them eventually. I am a senior myself so life is not good right now. I just remembered that my doctor did give me patches to wear a few years ago but I wouldn't wear them. Too scared! Wishing you a pain free day.

narco is being perscribed alot here in the us the only difference between narco and vicoden is the amount of tylenol in them here is an example the vicoden will say 5/500 and narco will say 5/325 but because if the different amounts of tylenol or as the script says apap/hydrocodine both have these its just they change the name. from what i understand narco is better for most people cause u can take more in a day and not worry about too taking too much tylenol in a 24 hour period. i dont think it really makes a difference as far as the pain is concerned. from what i know about the pain patches from family thats on them is they r nice cause u dont have to keep taking pills every 4 to 6 hours. my uncle has pain patches and he puts two on every 3 days. the patch slowley releases the pain medicine into your body over how ever long its supposed too. i dont know if different patches work for different periods of time. i do know there r at least two pain killers that come in patch form but there may b more i have only heard of two i know moraphine is one the other is fentanol(not sure if i spelled that right) my uncle has the latter of the two and he has stage 3 cancer.

it's just usually referred to as Oxycodone. I currently take 20 Mg's of oxycodone 3 times a day and then I am a fortunate person as I am prescribed Fentanyl patches, 75MICROGRAMS an hour. I ended up on the patches because I had been on 7/750 vicoden for 3.5 years and when the doc said "Have you tried morphine?" and I went "WHAT?! NO~" It freaked me out seriously. So then he explained that the patched I could put on every 72 hours and only use the oxycodone for breakthrough pain and I was like "HECK yes!" I was so tired of all the pills I was taking. So he gave me 5 patches and told to come back in 10 days. Well for some reason I "burn" up meds quicker than most so we ended up moving the 50mcgh patches to every 48 hours. Well for some reason I didn't so my usual research when I came home that day. but when I went back 10 days later and he switched it to 48 hours I came home and finally did my research and about FREAKED out! Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine. Usually it's only prescribed to cancer patience and people who are IN the hospital and had just gotten out of surgery. I couldn't believe that I had been using something THAT strong for 10 days. The overdose rate on it is out of this world becasue it's very easy to OD on. There are two types of patches. I use the gel type patch and both of them are body heat generated. So it takes about an hour to an hour and a half to "kick in". but there's been OD deaths because someone used a heating pad more than likely directly placed on the patch and it introduced an excessive amount of medication into the system. Of course there's also the risk of becoming dependent on them. HIGHLY dependent. But I tell you I don't know how I functioned for so long with out any medication and not having to feel the severe pain is a blessing. However if you do get prescribed the patches you MUST schedule your doc appointments 3-4 days ahead of the date your previous appointment was on so you don't run out of patch I accidently did that once and I was a misserable mess!

Anyways, Gentle Hugs


Hi Jo,

I tried Percocet after I had been prescribed it for a tooth extraction but when I stopped taking it after being on it for a week I got very sick. I have been reluctant to go back because I understand it is addictive. I think your body develops a tolerance so you need more and more for it to be effective. I do not need a strong pain killer around the clock- just at night.

I recently saw ads on tv about lawsuits on the pain patch. It has been connected with some fatalities. I could be wrong but you may want to look into that

Dozed thanks for the concern. Those ads are for those back a few years ago. The patches were really unstable and yes some people had a lot of problems and even passed because of it. But I haven’t had anything happen to me because of the patch so I won’t be checking into it. And to be honest, our society today is so sue happy that people don’t watch what they do and then blame it on someone else and get money for it. I do realize that there are people who have had legitimate problems and have passed because of it however, there are people who abuse the system and they inturn make it so the pharmaceutical companies raise the price on prescriptions. Sorry didn’t mean to jump on my soap box but its the paralegal in me lol.

I was on Norco but when I had some blood work come back showing my liver enzymes were a little high, I became overly concerned and didn't want to put any more Tyenol in my body. My neurologist felt like oxycodone would work better for me anyways so we switched to that. Mine does not have the aspirin or tyenol, just straight oxy. At first I felt it did hardly anything for my pain (5mg every 6 hours) and I was suffering! My doctor was not used to prescribing liquid medications and forgot that this was an instant release medication and changed my dosage to every 4 hours and I could take 5-10mg. That did help some even though I thought that it would help a lot more than it does. Jo, is yours long acting or instant release? Seems like you get better pain relief from them than I do. I am very happy for you!! I agree with you, I don't care if they are a narcotic....I would have zero of a life without them. Even with pain medication, the pain is very overwhelming.