Recently Diagnosed

i was recently diagnosed and still in shock and denial I believe. I also have Lupus. After tons of blood work and couple of visits with the Dr I was started on meds. My biggest issue is zero energy, and painful joints my hips and knees are the worst. But every single day I get up feeling just as crappy as the day before with an extra pain somewhere. I work full time and I’ve missed so much work or constAntly making mistakes thanks to a foggy brain. Any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

Hello Michelle,

I have every sympathy with you, I know that feeling waking up everyday - and it's still there! Feeling rubbish mor often than not.

There are however lots of things you can try, and I am sure our memberswill think of more. Pacing yourself, learning to say no, reaching out to friends and family, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) Mindfulness meditation, just a few. There are some groups on here who explore some of these ideas. Good luck

Take care, Anne

Have you spoken with your dr about trying one of the two medications that have been approved for Fibromyalgia, Lyrica or Savella?
Are you able to cut your hours back at work?

No She just started me on Plaquinel for Lupus and muscle relaxers. My boss isn’t willing to allow me to work pt : ( unfortunately
I will ask about those meds she just put me on a Medrol pack to hope calm down the inflammation

Hi Michelle,

I can't tell you about meds, but I can tell you what I do:

Eat a healthy diet: especially include lots of leafy greens, spinach, kale (if you can stand it), broccoli, dark green lettuces, also carrots--all these are anti-inflammatory. Also include fiber, whole grains, fresh and frozen fruit, lean proteins (fish like salmon are anti-inflammatory too!) Cut down on sugar and caffeine.

Get some exercise every day: you might have to start with a walk of less than 5 minutes. You can work up slowly to more. Stretch--stretching is *so* good for my pain!!

Drink lots of water

Try a green juice: this made a huge change in my pain level. I use Barley Grass Juice that I get online (it comes in a powder you can mix with water or juice.) It is an acquired taste, but once you are into it you'll never go back.

Just some things that help me, perhaps they will help you too!

Gentle Hugs, Kimberly :)

Thank you for all the info Kimberly this is all very useful

You're very welcome :)

My heart goes out to you! I have been trying to get my head around this for the last 4 months. I am now on a doctor restricted work schedule of 5 hours per day. Trying to get the right balance of meds and work so that I can maximize rest and have some chance for body to relax and de-stress!

I can relate to the the pain all over and everywhere! Just know that you are not alone! I do hope that work bucks up and assists better! This is a real medical event!

Hi Michelle, regarding working part time, if you have been at your job for at least a year and worked enough hours you might qualify for intermittent family leave (FMLA). This could assist you in working part time for a while. There are limits on the amount you can take (generally 12 weeks a year off under FMLA for qualified absences) - this is unpaid but provides job protection in most cases. You can find out more information from your human resources office. Hugs!

Or Cymbalta, which has been around long enough to be available in a generic.

Starr said:

Have you spoken with your dr about trying one of the two medications that have been approved for Fibromyalgia, Lyrica or Savella?
Are you able to cut your hours back at work?

Hi Michelle,

When I was still working, I took in a camping mattress pad. On my breaks, I would go into the conference room (if unused) and lay down for 10-15 minutes. It made a huge difference although I still had problems. If your job is standing or walking, take a few minutes per hour to sit. If your job is mostly sitting, get up and walk around for a minute or two every hour. Use meditation to manage your stress levels. I found that taking a few deep breaths could calm my system a little temporarily. Drink lots of water. And as others suggested here, pace yourself. Fibro is a recognized disability with the Americans With Disabilities Act. It may take some work but you should be able to negotiate a few reasonable accomodations with your boss or the HR dept. Gentle hugs, good luck on your journey. And take the pain meds, don't be too brave.

Thank you everyone for all the advice and suggestions. I’m willing to try anything.