Restless leg syndrome linked to magnesium deficiency?

My Chiropractor has often said that restless leg syndrome can usually be linked to a magnesium deficiency. It is also important to have the correct balance of cal/mag and D3. Some of these actually mention a B12 deficinecy.

ALWAYS ASK YOUR DOCTOR, before adding or changing the dosage of vitamins, they could interfere with meds or other conditions.

Here are a few links...

Good links. I had RLS for awhile and I started taking the magnesium along with my calcium and D-3 and it went away. Other thing is exercise too close to bedtime seemed to cause me to have that happen during sleep.

I tried spray topical form of magnesium. It worked good but it kind of itched my skin. I still take the whole food source mag. Alot of my supplements are whole food source. They seem to be effective according to my labs. They are easier on my tummy too.

I've been told the same thing.... Magnesium. But Iron is a huge contributor too -- always have that checked by the doctor first before taking supplements, because they are harsh on the stomach !

Have you tried upping your water intake? I've found that I get leg cramps and stiffness at night if I'm dehydrated. It doesn't take much to get them to go away, usually just an 8 oz. glass of water does it.

Hope this helps because they HURT!

SK, could you ask your chiropractor if this would also work for the jerking legs/arms/body I experience at night when I'm asleep? It's the same kind of thing you get when you're just falling asleep and you startle awake except I'm already usually asleep and it happens quite a few times per night, when I used to just experience the "right before sleep" jerk only once in a great while.

I can Pet, not sure when I will see him, because of the ride, I don't go too often, but I will make a note to ask him!

This is what I take. You buy then online. Don't forget to ask your MD

Miss SK, have I told you lately that you are a GEM? Because you truly are. I don't honestly know how I'd cope with this illness without your guidance. And Renie too. You guys are absolutely wonderful. My utmost heartfelt thanks to the both of you.

PS: I know from reading around that Douglas Labs have a good reputation. You even have to be careful in what kind of pills you buy and from whom. The cheapie ones sometimes come from China and have far less of the necessary supplement in them than the more expensive pills or supplements from reputable companies, as a note to those looking to buy supplements.

Does that calc/mag upset your tummy at all SK?? I've had such probelms. Been taking calcium citrate powder and separate whole food source mag. to avoid the upset. I like the 2:1 ratio in the one you put in the link. in that one you are using. That's how is should be.

You are so right. Always go for the Pharmaceutical grade vitamins, purity and quality are always there. This is the stuff my DC has on hand, and how I know about it. They are the vitamin Guru's! Best Cal/mag I have found!

Thank you Petunia Girl!