Season Affective Disorder/ Light box therapy

Hello Fibro-Friends!

For those who begin to suffer more this time of year: here's a therapy that isn't a drug and has NO side effects. It mimics the sun's healing rays that cause our brains to produce "feel-good" chemicals.

. It's a Broad-spectrum Light and there's a good article on Mayo Clinic's website:starts out :

Amazon and other websites offer all price ranges and types. Desk lamps, floor lamps and all in between. I hope this helps!

God Bless !!

Shelly (YinYan1124)

Thanks Shelly for the great idea, when I worked at the hospital, we had a whole row of x- ray light boxes, old school now, but basically they were light boxes that a dr. Could put up an x-ray on, I would turn all of them on and sit in front of it, lol I may have looked crazy, but it helped !

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I want one of these ASAP!