I just had a very smart, ivy league educated, young, well meaning doctor tell me Fibromyalgia was a waste basket diagnosis that was given me as the doctors didn’t find anything wrong with me. I didn’t even have the heart to argue or inform her. I was crushed that that spector of misinformation actually exists. I thought I was somehow immune here in New England with some of the best educated doctors. Very disheartening.


Sorry you had to go through that. I have heard it too many times that there is nothing wrong with me and I need mental help. I sort of am wondering myself if one day they will find many different new conditions and find out that those with the fibro diagnosis will learn they have something different. Maybe some of us have one thing and others have something different. But I believe we all have something and it is not fake.

That is awful !!! I'm so sorry that you had to deal with a doctor so misinformed . I have often wondered if there is anywhere we can report them .

That’s all I’ve heard for 18 years only one temp doc told me about 10 years ago and since then I get told it’s not real, until last week I saw a physiotherapist about my tummy muscles being torn in pregnancy and she kept asking me questions until she said I believe you have a condition called fibromyalgia and so I told her my story; she said she is going to help me but the main problem lies in the subconscious.

If these skeptical doctors don’t know what’s wrong with us after all of their evaluations, but they know we all makes claims of suffering chronic pain and from similar symptoms with varied degrees, how can it then be a wastebasket diagnosis? That’s not even logical. Why isn’t it acknowledged as a syndrome by doctors across the board? Is it because doctors don’t have answers or solutions and rather than admit that, they refuse to acknowledge it? Or because there is no standard test for it? So! Maybe it just hasn’t been developed yet. What the h-e-double hockey sticks? It is just not acceptable. Ok… I have moved into the Laurie is upset and frustrated stage. Sigh. Again.

Thanks, Gals, for listening.


I am so sorry this happened to you Laurie. This happens all too frequently. We just all need to continue to advocate for ourselves and be firm believers in what we know we feel. I have such a hard time sometimes speaking up at the doctor for myself (I can do it for others but when it is your turn it is intimidating) but I continue to work on making my voice heard. Hang in there. I hope you can find a new doctor quickly! Hugs.

So educated but yet soooo ignorant!!! Well there are millions of Fibro pts. out there who stand with you to say THIS IS REAL! (((((((HUGS)))))))


I used to allow Drs to brush me off but now... I have knowledge about what is wrong with me. I had 2 Drs along the way who started treating me as if I had fibro but neither diagnosed me with it. When my GP would not even write Fibromyalgia on my FMLA papers, I found a new GP. I have been on a long journey to get a diagnoses and do not have time to play the run around game anymore. If any of my Drs are not fibro friendly...FIRED!!! I am in control of my Health care and I am hiring them to do me a service.I am the CONTRACTOR of my health...I sub-contract others to do the work for me...If they do not preform to my standards...FIRED...Just politely say... thank you for your time but I will not be coming back to your office. Or as you are checking out and they say the Dr. wants to see you back in 2 weeks or a month... just say that wont be necessary...or I will call you to set that up... or just LAUGH and say I am not coming back...

Thanks, all, for your good words and insights.
We’ve got a ways to go with Fibro awareness it seems.

Well Said.