This Is Going To Get Worse & Become A Never Ending Fight Huh?!

I have read many articles. Not just discussions or blogs or theeads on this particular site. I have noticed in a lot of what has been typed there are talks & discussions about Dr.'s not beliving you, or “stand up & fight for yourself”. I have had an XRay that has shown up nothing. An MRI that has shown up with Spine & Disk Disease w/ a torn disk on my L5S1. I’m waiting on pending blood & urine results. I also am scared out of my mind to schedule a nerve damage test. I was just diagnosed yesturday (Sept. 13, 2012). After I explained to my Dr. about whats been going on & after he shoved his fingers into spots on my back that sent me into so much pain that made me want to pick him by his throat & throw him out the window, he proceded to explain to me what Fibromyalgia is:

“All of this pain you are in is completely in your mind. Fibromyalgia is a 21st Century disease like IBS & chronic fatigue syndrome. I’m going to put you on cymbalta because the pain your feeling is because your depressed.”

Besides the constant 24/7 burning & sheer pain throughout my body that I have to “deal” with everyday, is this how it’s going to be? A fight. A battle. Seen but not heard? Having to defend my pains that are not in my head?

Ok, here's my opinion for what it's worth: Time to get a new doctor ASAP, methinks. If he doesn't believe in fibro, how can he adequately treat it. He is an idiot and needs to update his thinking and medical knowledge.

My doctors do believe me. I do get support from them. I can't tell you how invaluable that is. Here is the method I used to find a good rheumie, but you could use it with any doctor, by substituting their specialty:

google: fibromyalgia rheumatologist Painville, Massachusetts

(I typed in fibromyalgia followed by the specialty followed by the area I wanted to find the doctor in)

Then when I found doctors, i then googled the doctor by name and used the word "ratings" or "reviews" to see how others liked him. Let me tell you, it worked! My first rheumie was a complete jerk, much like your doc, but my second one is good. Thanks to the ratings of others, I was able to find a good doctor who is knowledgeable and compassionate.

Hope that helps you out a bit.


I'm sorry to hear about your doctor blowing you off. The good news is that he is putting you on the Cymbalta... even if it is 'all in your head', the Cymbalta will help with the pain and mental fog as well as any anxiety or depression that may be present.

Definitely find yourself a more compassionate physician and pull together the best team of clinicians to help you.

I, too, was just diagnosed yesterday with Fibromyalgia. I've had Psoriatic Arthrtis since 2005. Ironically, I've been a massage therapist for 14 years focusing on chronic pain and the majority of my clients have Fibromyalgia.

There are a lot more clinicians who believe in Fibro now than did back in the 90's and early 2000s. Anyone who dismisses the pain is not going to be supportive of you, find someone else. There is no blood test or X-ray or anything else that objectively defines the disease process. From what I understand, the old 11 out of 18 tender point check is now history and a new set of guidelines are being used to diagnose Fibromyalgia. The definitive for my rheumy to dx the Fibro was b/c of the mental fog it created was so dramatic - he doesn't think mental fog goes along with PsA but more with Fibro, but I also have other symptoms of Fibro to concur with his dx.

Let us know how the Cymbalta works for you. I just started on mine today.

also, the fibro comes and goes - it's not necessarily a death sentence of pain for the rest of your life. You'll have good days and not so good days - flare ups and times of remission. Just take it day by day.

Allie, please find a different dr. My dr. Spent a whole year convincing me that fibro is what I suffered, she does not know everything about fibr, and even latley asks me what new research I’ve come across, but she does believe 100 %, that fibro is real, I can not imagine going to a dr. That thinks its all related to depression or that it in your head. He is so ignorant !!! Depression does not cause fibro pain, long term pain may result in some depression, but trust me this dr will do you no good !!! Petunia has great advice !!!
Your pain is not in your head ! Don’t listen to one more word that quack has to say !!!

And Dee's advice is very sound. Well said!


A lot of good info here. Interesting that docs are getting away from tenderpoints.

And I'm sorry about your PSA as well as fibro; that's a double kick in the you-know-where.

I hope the Cymbalta helps your pain level. You've got a lot on your plate.

Thanks Petunia !!! And my surgery went well, my fibro already feels better, I guess all that uterine mess was effecting me more than I thought , thank god I did it ! Thank you for your advise.

Dear Allie,

In my opinion, you have answered your own question, and I think that besides Pain management you need a Rheumatologist, or a Fibro specialist! Here are some options for you.

Wow, that's wonderful, Dee! Yes, I think that uterine "mess" can definitely impact the rest of our bodies. Maybe it produces too much estrogen? Well, at any rate, thank goodness you got rid of it AND are feeling better as a result. Congratulations to you for a step in the right direction of better health!

Ah, very good points, SK. You're always the voice of reason and education.

I had a Doc blow me off as well wow im sorry that happened to you! Its not in your head for a while I start believing I was making the pain up! I guess we are all depressed. You should get a new doc if you haven’t already! Hope it gets better. Im here if you need to talk. Hugs and prayers!

Petunia, thank you for your many kindnesses. I care deeply for you all! It is good for me to have a purpose that can have such a good outcome for others. Glad I can still do something so worthwhile!



You are so right Amberlyn! What a shame that insult should be added to our agony, no one deserves to be treated in this manner, but it seems as though nearly all of us have been through this very same sad experience!

We really do need to stand up for ourselves, it takes practice sometimes, but you get better. Being as educated as you can about your illnesses and injuries is always to our benefit!

Hugs to all ,