Quick question. Does anyone else here find that even a whiff of smoke sets their fibro off and causes it to flare up?

I think it may be doing it to me. I live in a block of flats and the smell of smoke seems to drift up to me from downstairs from time to time and it has me doubled in in agony. When I am out and end up somewhere where there is smoke I end up feeling very weak, almost like I am going to faint. I hate it.

Hmmmm. Well, it does get my nose all irritated. I was working in an extremely hot apt. bldg. today and could smell tobacco smoke and also incense, Mike. The incense smoke did make me feel sick and faint, Mike. Dizzy too. It's like it's too much sensory input or something.

I am glad that it is not just me, although at the same time I wish you did not have to go through it as well. I feel dizzy after being near the smoke and actually think I will faint. Is it bad that sometimes I wish I would so I could have a reason for asking for further testing into why this happens. Mikex

Yeah, my reaction is similar, Mike, except it's with the incense. And a lot of Chinese people are on my rout and they routinely use the incense. But I really feel for you because you have to LIVE with it. Does your building have any regulations about smoking that you could ask to enforced? You should be able to be comfortable in your home. Otherwise, maybe you could look into something to filter out the smell and smoke in your home.

Yes, I get very sick from the smell and it tends to stay in my hair and causes it to stink. I’m sorry you have to smell the stanch every day. There are some portable air cleaners that might help inside your place. I have to hit the shower immediately after exposure or I get a migraine headache.

I think this will interest you:…

Yes Mike smoke does bother me. It gives me a headache and starts my asthma going so it makes me cough.

If I am in a smoky atmosphere, within 15 minutes I can no longer breathe through my nose. It also makes my sinuses ache and I develop a scratchy throat.

Are you allergic to smoke? It may set off a chain reaction, so to speak.

Unfortunately people can smoke in their flats but it drifts through the air vents. I cannot close most of them off so I just have to put up with it. It tends to be weed smoke more than cigarette smoke but both are equally as bad xx

Yes, whisperingwillow, I believe that I am allergic to smoke, thou I have never been actually tested for it. But it causes the same reaction every time I am exposed to smoke.

When I read the symptoms of fibromyalgia I noted that it says increased sensitivity to noises and bright lights. I had just taken my grandson to hockey games back to back nights and the second night the fellow who was always "talking" the crowd into more enthusiasm(of course through the PA system) really "got" to me.

Another time I was shopping in a large Walmart store and all the bright fluorescent lights really "got" to me plus the noise of a nail gun being used in the store.

Perfumes have long been a cause for feelings of nausea and a headache. My daughter used to laugh/chuckle at me because when we had to pass the perfume section of department stores, I would take a deep breath, hold it and walk quickly past before exhaling.

I wonder if I am... I will ask my doctor. Mikex

Some other smells set it off a little... but not as much and florescent lights can be a pain with my eyes. Mikex

My husband was a heavy smoker. YES THE SMELL DROVE ME CRAZY! My sense of smell has changed. I cant handle the smell of smoke well either. Maybe one of those machines or candles that smokers use sometimes to filter the air might help. Thank goodness my husband quit at least for now.