SOOOOOO tired from this med--help

Hi all...My pain doc put me on dilaudid three times a day about one month ago and I found myself too tired to take the middle dose so I cut it down to twice a day. Since it is only a short acting drug, my pain would flair in the afternoon. I am now trying morphine sustained release 30 mg one in am and one in pm. I only took two doses but feel really out of it. I wonder if this will get better as I get used to the medicine. Anyone have some experience with this problem.



Hi Kitty,

I have dilaudid and I wish it did make me sleepy- it wires me up. I already don’t sleep much so I try to avoid taking it unless I feel like I am dying. I guess everyone’s body is different. Have you tried any muscle relaxers and/ or neurontin? The neurontin seems to be the thing that has helped me the most as far as taking the edge off the pain. Hope you find something.

Fibrokitty, im really surprised your pain dr. Is giving you morphine, is all your pain from fibro ? I was told morphine is reserved for end stage conditions, but it’s nice to know someone out there believes our pain is really bad. I have an apt this week with the pain dr. They have been giving me Lortab for years for my neck, and last time gave me Percocet, both make me very anxious, like I just took 20 shots of caffeine, we all react differently, I would call the pharmacist and ask if the symptoms get better as your body gets used to it. They seem to know more than the dr. When it comes to meds. Perhaps you should start on a lower dose initially, I have to look it up I’m not that familiar with morphine dosages.
Hugs & blessings

Hi dee and MPB,

Thanks for the response. I have fibro but also really bad rheumatoid arthritis and have been struggling with many bad effects of the RA for about three years (even thought I was born with it about 40 years ago). I have had my knee replaced, two surgeries on my left femur due to fractures, a fracture of my right heel bone and then another one on the right 5th toe. So that makes four surgeries and one joint replament in 18 months.

I sure hope this is temporary or I will stop the med. Of course I will call my doc first!


Hi Kit,

I take Opana, which is morphine, and the results are totally unpredictable. Sometimes I can function well, and the med allows me to do things that I would not have been able to do without taking it. Sometimes there is no tiredness, and other times it knocks me flat. I suppose that the amount of sleep would have some bearing, but not always.

I hope that you and your Dr can find something that helps your pain and allows you to still function. I posted about Nucynta, on here, Lupus and Psoriatic Arthritis, had a gal reply on the PsA site saying it really helps her pain and does so without the 'loopy' feeling, she has arthritis, so perhaps it helps with nerve and joint pain. Not sure, Kit, just a thought.

Wishing you some success with something! Always a pleasure to hear from you!



Thanks SK, I’m going to research both the Opana & Nucynta, I have an apt thurs with pain Dr. And have to go armed with info that helps others, I’m just tired of not having the right pain management, does your rheumy give you meds or do you see a pain specialist ?

My Rheumy used to give me narcotics but now that I see a pain doc, he gives me all the meds that are controlled. It is against his practice policy.

Hey Kit,

Haven't heard from you in a few. Ever get the pain meds on an even dose?

Thinking of you, hope you are well, my friend!



Hey Susie,

Good to hear from you. I am still trying to find the right combo. If I take a whole morphine 30 mg SR at night i wake up and feel great. But if i take another in the am (they are twice a day) then i am a zombie the whole day. I am being patient and praying for God's guidance.

How are u?

Hello Maria ( FibroKitty)

I have some input I can share with you.. however I'd rather write to you directly. For now...the details of my meds are something I want to keep private.. maybe that will change once I get more comfortable on this website.

Thanks !

Shelly ( YinYan1124)