Sores in your mouth

Does anyone deal with sores in their mouth? I deal with them on and off all the time. My doctor says that it's a B-12 deficiency so I am taking a supplement and have been for awhile now. I still get them they just don't get as bad.

I've never had problems with mouth sores. I have been treated for folate deficiency and also B-12. I used injections for awhile of B12 and was prescribed along with that a special form of folate because that is somehow involved too, with me it was. I have absorption problems and that's one of the main causes for the B-12 deficiencies that are so common in people, the causes being many different things for different people. I had better results in getting levels to normal with sublinguals. I can't depend on my stomach to absorb anything properly. I wasted alot of money on pill form and didn't get the results.

Some toothpaste causes my gums to hurt. I switched to one by nature's gate that doesn't have sls and other strong ingredients in it and the soreness went away. It's nice when it turns out to be something simple as changing toothpaste. I wish it were that easy to unravel the fibro.

Yes, I do get them from time to time. Never realized they're from a vitamin deficiency but it makes sense. I've purchased some multi-vitamins then hesitated on taking them cause they upset my stomach. Guess I'll have to work my way up into taking them and see if they hellp wih the mouth sores. I also wonder if drinking more water would help?

Have you ever heard of Celiac's disease? My wife is gluten intolerant and if she continued down her path would have had Celiac's. We stopped eating gluten and she feels so much better. Some of the symptoms are lots of gas, irregular bowel movements. Their are actually lots of symptoms you'd be surprised. You probably know all about it already. I just thought absorption problems and the bell went off in my head.


Yes, I am gluten free now for three years. Doctor thinks it's celiac but whether it is celiac or just gluten sensitivity doesn't matter, still need to stay off gluten. So I do. I've been told that celiac has to be pretty far gone for the test to show positive. Which test did your wife have to diagnose Celiac positively?

Do you take probiotics? If not that may help you!

You're not on methotrexate, are you?

She had the test too, a blood test, and it came back negative. And she was not allergic to wheat. It makes me wonder how good these tests are. But I think the damage if any can be reversed.

Even I who can eat gluten have lots of gas and bloating whenever I do eat it. I think if I went to a completely raw food diet with juicing and no meat and no sugar I would feel fantastic. But I don't have the discipline to do that yet.

I did take probiotics as well when I went strict vegetarian I felt extremely good with energy. My wife was blown away at how much of a drastic change it made. But slowly but surly I allowed sugar back in and meat because my wife went from 100 lbs to 96 lbs on my diet.

The probiotics are supposed to put back the good bacteria that is killed but antibiotics and steroids. Because when we take antibiotics it has no way to differentiate between the good bacteria and the bad so it kills them both.

I know what I need to do I just don't know if I can do it. I love sugar and coffee!


I see integrative physicians mostly because they cover more territory with evaluating and treating. Also, they don't push the rx's. I was advised not to rely just on testing when it comes to Celiac because when the villi are damaged, it is not usually reversible. I get sick when I eat wheat or glutenous grains, so that's all I need to know. I use probiotics and I also us a prebiotic called Biotagen which is used to help the good organism colonize. It's helping my bowel function alot.

I have a strong history of antibiotic use and I attribute that to the problems I'm having now. Like you said they kill everything.

Even if you don't have fibro, sugar and caffiene are not good for the body. I guess we all have to figure out what works best for OUR body. Everyone is different. Sounds like veg diet went well for you. I know it's difficult to be in the same house and each person on a different diet plan. Takes willpower.


I suffer with mouth ulcers and sore throats constantly.Since last December I have been having vitamin B12 injections as my body does not asorb B12.I have found no change to ulcers or sore throats but my doctor said it will take time.Last week I was hospitalised and had to have three blood transfusions it now also seems I do not asorb iron either!

You might look at allergics post above about Celiacs it is very informative and that may be the case with you too. I hope things get better.


Thanks for sharing. Good information.