Starting a new much do you tell your employer?

I am considering starting a part time job. Any thoughts on what and how much to tell your employer?

I'm not a big fan of spilling the beans prior to gaining employment for fear of never being hired. That's just my personal opinion. If your fibro doesn't affect you much and you think it won't impact your job much or at all, what would be the point? However, if you think it could, then maybe you could share it with potential employers, out of fairness to them. It might seriously impact your ability to get a job, however. Some people are pretty darned good about it though, like my boss. As for me, I just keep quiet. Fair it may not be, but I have to work and can't quibble at this point.

Hi Leslie,

This is a slippery slope to navigate! Alot will depend on the type of meds you take. If you are on narcotics, you may not pass the urine tests. I am also a moderator on the Lupus site, a highly skilled nurse was turned down flat because of her meds. She is withdrawling from them now and hoping to have another shot at the job she is focused on.

If nothing will show in the urine, and you can do the job, without complaining, being in pain, taking time off, then don't tell them a thing! My thoughts, shame you cannot be honest anymore!

Wishing you the very best!


Thanks! I am concerned if I say too much, I may not get hired. Although since with me, a great deal of my pain is in my arms, elbows, and might effect my job performance. I am pretty good at 'hiding' the pain and working through it all. this would only be a part time thing and I am at the point where I need to try to work (two heading off to college soon). I don't like having to make these decisions!

Yes, it is a slippery slope. I am not taking any narcotics (as of now) and actually I am only taking cymbalta and meloxicam although the pain seems to be increasing so I may need to investigate other med options, I am actually more concerned with the fact that the fibro has effected mostly my arms, elbows and hands (both arms). Although I have pain all over, my arms are the worst. I try my best to 'hide' and work through the pain but i am just not sure if I can do this on a daily basis (as in a work situation). This would only be part time day work. I just hate to be dishonest...

Here is my thought on the matter: if your fibro is bothering you greatly in your arms, elbows and hands now, it's going to be significantly amplified with a job. I would think it'd be hard to work thru the pain when it's affecting the very areas that you'll be using the most.

This is just my humble opinion and may not hold true for you but your posting about the pain areas does worry me.

I would really think about whether or not I could be productive on the job before I even applied. How much arm work would it involve? Also, do you want to attempt a job that would possibly aggravate your arms, elbows and hands? Make sure you know what the job entails. I would not take a job that would cause more pain and injury to myself, even if I could hide the pain.


Thanks for your insight. I am also concerned and I appreciate your honesty. This is just so frustrating.

You are right. Guess I have some thinking to do. Unfortunately, the job would involve mostly arm work and getting a job description would be a great idea. I don't want to make my symptoms worse, I just want to work. Ugh...

thank you for your reply. I appreciate you looking out for me!


tryed to be honest with past employer about my health issues but when push came to shove i was out the door they siad they needed people that would be at work constantly not sick all the time i even had 1 years worth of doctors visits to show that this was on going and would be calling in from tine to time sick and flat on my back i get the flu sysyems from the fibro 4-8 times a year even in the summer my bosses did not believe me or they did not believe my nuro doctor either when i came back several weeks latter from being sick losing 45 pounds and all muscle mass and had to really cut back on my work load i have been out of work this time since 9/13/2010 and was recently let go they hired some new young punk to take my place they said they fired me i say i was let go for unjust causes will find out what the uneployment judge says about letting people go when they are out sick and call in every day and have medical documention


Hi ddw,

So sorry to hear about your work situation. Sorry they are not understanding. I am afraid that this is what I might encounter as well. What I am understanding from others I got replies from on here is that I should not tell. SInce I am fairly new to fibro, I am still trying to figure out 'my limits' per day without overdoing it. I am considering voluteering somewhere first to see just what I can tolerate. After I have a better understanding of this, then I may be able to work part time. I am also still trying to figure out how to ease my arm pain (both arms) and I will be talking with my doctor next month to see if any additional meds might help. this is all so you know. keep me posted on what the judge says.

take care