Stressful :-(

I thought fibro was the worst of my health problems until my dizzy spells & high blood pressure & migraines started now I’m not sure which is worse :frowning: I started on verapamil a few days ago for my Bp & migraines & to hopefully hell my dizzy spells (I have them daily so bad that when I get one my vision goes black) after I started the verapamil they seeme to have left & did for like 2 days & I was happy & thinking they were gone for good but I was way wrong! They came back today & came back worse they used to only happen once a day & today I had 4 & they were worse & lasted longer than they used to :frowning: I just wish a dr could find out what’s causing them & help get rid of them! Cuz it’s scary when your too dizzy to move & also can’t see for a minute (I know a minute doesn’t sound very long but when your practically paralyzed & blind a minute seems like a lifetime) :frowning: hopefully I can get rid of them for good soon!

Sorry that’s supposed to be help not hell stupid iPhone autocorrect!

Dear Jessie,

I know that you just posted blogs and mentioned some of this...

So very sorry to hear that these are so severe for you. Someone else was just talking about migraines, and if I am correct, a neurologist is best seen for these. Please call your Doctor and let him know of the severity and frequency of these, it is nothing to fool around with. Not trying to scare you, just to get you there, if you need someone this weekend, go to the ER, and rather than you drive, call for an Ambulance. Always best to be safe!

A teaching hospital may be the place to go, my go to places are Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland. Their knowledge is usually the best, they are the ones who 'write the books'!

I am so sorry that your young life is so affected by all of this, but sometimes it is just all in the right med, and sometimes diet is a big help too, I know there are somethings to stay away from where migraines are concerned.

Wishing you my best, we are here for you!



I have seen a neurologist & he thought they may have been caused by blood pressure or migraines but I’m not so sure & my regular dr isn’t very good she prescribed me meds for inner ear infection 4 different times for them before I finally told her I wanted to see someone for them!
I’m seriously thinking of having my fiancé take me to the ER tomorrow if their any worse

It sucks to have migraines and dizzy spells. I get those too, not the HBP but when I get dizzy it's like I have vertigo and lose balance. You are so right, a min or 30 secs of dizziness caused blindness can be very iritating.

I think you need to talk to your doc ASAP about the increase in migraine/dizziness symptoms. Maybe the meds are causing the increase. Or if nothing else, your blood pressure. I know that my ex husband used to get terrible headaches that turned out to be caused by high blood pressure. Maybe yours isn't stabilized yet and is still very high, causing those headaches. I really do think a doctor should be contacted ASAP to make sure your blood pressure isn't spiking too high. Too high blood pressure can cause strokes. Not trying to alarm you but as you can see, there is some urgency to making sure you're okay. But I'm going to add that I am not a doctor or medical person so I give you this advice completely as a lay person.