Struggling with family

This past week has been really tough. I was supposed to celebrate my birthday with my family, which is very large, and I felt so awful I couldn’t make it. They’re all acting put off and annoyed. I live with my mom and dad who are usually understanding but they are also treating me like I’m just being lazy and should just push through the pain. I am so frustrated. I also feel like I have cabin fever:) I’m so sick of feeling like this. Depression always follows which makes things worse because then I feel completely alone.

Hello Jackie,

So sorry to hear your family are being like this. Also Happy Birthday! I do make uber effort to do family things, having said that I also have to tell them I may not stay long. I do spend a lot of time trying to let my family know how I feel, directing them to different web sites,etc. I think it's incredibly difficult to understand, and clearly yours don't yet. Also, I find that sometimes I do actually enjoy the things I find it hard to do, this is where the uber effort comes in!

Good luck to you, take care, Anne

Thank you for your support!!

Im so sorry you are struggling.I also feel very alone as im on disability and live alone.I dont go out much myself and my family dont understand fibro or depression.Hang in there.

Hi Jackie,

I'm sorry that your family is not being very understanding right now. But we need to remember that most people don't get us. Which is what makes this group so special to all of us, because we all " get" each other. So I am glad you turned to this group to vent your frustration. I had to cancel something with a friend the other day and I could tell she was not happy with me either. You might try talking to your parents and reminding them that this is the way fibromyalgia is sometimes. Since you live with them it would be nice to keep things with them on an even keel. Then maybe they would be helpful in helping the rest of your family to understand. Don't get depressed. Keep coming to this site and reading what others write and keep us posted on how it goes with your family.


Donna (Jackie S)

Hi Jackie, Happy Belated Birthday! I am sorry your family isn't as understanding right now, that is tough. Be sure to take care of yourself, we all have days / times when we have to cancel and I know I often feel bad about it. But then I remind myself that my health is important and I need to do what is going to keep me in the best health possible. Hugs!

Hi Jackie,

Sorry to hear that. It is difficult when our family/friends do not understand what we are going through, and it is very real. I can relate to what you are saying. It sometimes seems like family will go through phases of being understanding and then not wanting to hear it and then back to understanding. My dad completely doesn't get what I'm going through on a daily basis and it sucks. I don't talk to him much because he isn't helpful. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband and mother who support me. Auburnm is right, your health is more important and keeping yourself in the best health as possible is #1 priority. Hopefully your family can get back to a point where they are understanding and stay there.

Sending support your way,


Happy Birthday!!! Wish you felt better on that special day.

Hugs to you.