Sulfasalazine meds?

Hi, just wondering if anyone else is on the sulfasalazine medication? My Rheumy put me on it the end of November, I was having the fortnightly blood tests like you are supposed to, anyway I ended up in hospital about 3 weeks after being on it with extreme pains, my inflammatory markers were extremely high and rising, and other things. The doctor took me off the sulfasalazine to see how I went. My family said they noticed me going down hill since I had started it, I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference, I mean I knew I was feeling horrible but did t connect it to the new meds.

Any way long story short, I went back to my Rheumy last month and she wants me to try it again, but a lower dose to start with. So I’m back to the fortnightly bloods. The past few weeks I’ve been getting more joint and muscle pain, headaches etc but I’m not sure if it’s the meds or ‘flare up’ of other things.

HI...About 18 years ago,I took this medication for colitis for almost a year...My doc had me slowly work up to the therapeutic dosage. I did just fine on it. It put my colitis into remission. He had told me that the drug for arthritis but worked on many inflammatory conditions too. He had me take a 1mg daily folic acid supplement as well, since this medication can deplete that vitamin. It took awhile for it to start working....If I remember correctly about 2-3 months at least before I felt any difference from chronic colon pain. Hope it helps you...keep us informed (-;

I do know of other lupus patients who use sulfa meds to help with their needs. I cannot as i am allergic to sulfa.

The women i know says it seems to help and most of them do not have any negative side effects or they do not mention any and i think they would since we often compare meds and how they help or do not help.

Thing to try and recall since it was Holiday time, could you have been stressed due to holidays, family stuff or work even? That can cause more pain and those to you might take a look at your journal if you have one and see how you were doing emotionally.

This is why having journal can come in journal has one online you can keep plus record all your meds, tests etc ...they send you daily how you are feeling and why...if you do not want to take time to write in journal this is easy why to record events.

I always try meds twice if i have a bad time and not due to allergies....just to see if they can help. I think it is fair of her to ask especially since she is lowering the dose so should not make you sick...but you know best what works for you.