Switching to Topamax

I am currently taking Gabapentin and it seems to help take edge off of nerve pain a little, but it’s causing me alot of weight gain. My dr. consequently recommended Topamax which is also an anti-epileptic used off- label for nerve pain that is supposed to have opposite side effect of weight loss. Do any of you have experiences with Topamax? Did it help with pain? How were the initial side effects?

Thanks for any help.

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I have been on Topamax for many yrs but for migraine preventative it has nor helped with pain, but my weight has stayed the same. I do exercise everyday just a walk for 30 mim, it is a stuggle to do it but it does me good, I take my dogd and we have made some gppd freinds there. So I would try rhe Topamax but don"t expect mircles from it it is worth a try Good Luvk

Thanks, Jeannie. I am dissapointed to hear Topamax isn’t much help. I was hoping it would give better relief than the Gaba. Well, I suppose if it doesn’t help much my next try will be Tramadol. Do you experience any memory issues with the Topamax? My short-term memory has taken a beating with the Gaba.

Tramadol is a much better option for pain relief, it is a weak opiod it comes in 50 100 200mg they probaly will start you of on 50mg which probaly won't be enough but persist till you get the right dose because it can be helpful for pain. I take oxy-contin 60mg twice aday but use tramadol 200s for break thru pain but I have had fibro for20+ yrs and your body builds up tolarence's to pain meds A lot of meds they give you are anti-depressents with pain reducing effects they are really not pain medications to find out all about drugs just type into google drugs used to treat fibromyalgia it will tell you all about them what's available whats class of drug they are another helpful thing is Magnesium run it by your doctor but it can really help with leg pain and restless leg syndrome you can get it from the chemist but look it up on the internet hope this helps

Hey Baltimore! S'up girl? I've missed you! Get hit with another storm up there? I hear it's on the way!

I know what you mean, the Lyrica causes me to swell, and gain weight, but it's very effective for the Sciatica. I'm not sure I've tried Topamax, but I'll be adding that to the top of my list for the Drs, believe me! I'm ready to drop some of this weight! I've recently bought some new clothes, but my husband always says that losing weight and not having any clothes that fit is a happy problem, so I'm ready to drop the weight and go shopping!!!!!!!!!

I hope you get some good responses to this, I'm interested too!

Wishing you well, and sending some love,


BTW, I have been on Tramadol and it made me very ill at ease, hard to explain, but it was not a keeper for me!

Hi SK my friend! :slight_smile: Thank you for your post. I miss you too. I hope you are doing better. I am braving Boston streets during this very windy sleety storm as we speak after night out with my friend but so glad to be out and about despite Mother Nature… low pain day today believe it or not. :wink: And yes I am gonna try the Topamax. I’ll keep everyone posted as I can. Hoping for better pain mgt. and of course weight loss.

Take care hon until I am able to post again!


Thanks, lovett. I had terrible memory problems with Gaba. Patience certainly is a virtue for us fibro sufferers in midst of trying new meds. Hopefully I will find right stuff soon.

Hmm… Sorry to hear it isn’t helping you yet. I will keep everyone posted as I go along with the Topamax.