Swollen and Frustrated

I woke up this morning and started to get ready for church and everything I put on was so tight because apparently while I slept my whole body swelled , finnaly pulled out the trusty fall back(comfy lil' black dress) but still feel miserable and frustrated is it not enough that we must suffer such excruciating pain but suffer feeling ugly as well . I do not even want to go to the grocery stor when i feel like this because when you are overweight to start with and you swell like this and you move so slow because of the pain people look at you as if you are just a lazy and fat . aaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! this stinks!!!!!

any body else have this problem?


I agree it stinks really bad. I wish I could figure out if there is anything that I am doing that contributes to the swelling on top of the weight gain. I do understand the frustration oaf having to try several things on before you find something that even remotely fits the situation. You have your "comfy lil' black dress" I have my geenie pants, they are also black. If it's not one thing it is another.

Shadows mom

I know my swelling, besides the joint swelling of arthritis, is caused by Lyrica. With both my Dr's permission, I go off of it a day or so and get rid of the retained fluid, drinking tea will speed this up too, at least it does for me. Put this on the top of your list to talk to with your Dr. Your profile listed no meds that I saw, so I cannot really say which may be doing it.

I understand how you feel, I just gave away bag upon bag of beautiful clothes that I will just never get into again!

Yes, Pebbles, I do. And I have a very small chin to start with, and now a lot of fat underneath it, which I hate!!!

I try to look in the mirror and see the positive aspects, like my still-smooth skin.

And yes, I know how you feel when you go out being heavy and then moving slowly due to the fibro and thinking that people must think it's all due to your weight. That bothers me and I refuse to use one of those automated shopping carts for that very reason. I'll just drag myself along on my own turtle-like steam!!!

Like shadow's mom and you, I have my black "mom" pants with an elastic waistband. Those pants are so comfy!

I havre by the end of my day become so depressed,angry with myself and on the verge of tears . A few years ago I at least felt a little pretty and now with all this I feel like I am the wicked witch of the west ugly. The extra fat , swelling and i have a lot of acne now on my face especially at the temples, upper lip and under the chin guess this is caused from menopause i dont know i just know that I hate mirrors and going out in public and God forbid yhat I run into someone who knew the pretty more self assured Pebbles. Thank you all for your friendships I dont know what I would do without you all.

Even my jeans stretch, girls, and I do better with shoes that lace so that I can adjust them according to the swelling. It's all about comfort now, less about style, much less!!