I have alot of questions, this is the first time I've met anyone else (besides my husband) who has fibro. So here goes, does anyone else have numb legs and feet? I'm worried, one day in a restaurant they gave out completely and my husband had to carry me. It lasted for hours. Also I lost all the hair on my legs and underarms 3 yrs. ago? The docs say it's not related to my lupus. I hope someone can help.

My legs have given out on me many times...even way back when I was about 12 or so. So, I can account that for you with fibro. As for the hair, you might want to go to your doc about that and get some blood work done so you can leave anything that is hiding in your blood.

Good luck.

The hair does not sound like something fibro related although there are that many symptoms associated with it there would be no surprise if it was. Have you used steroid creams in the areas you have lost hair? As for legs giving out that is quite possibly fibro, although there are other things that can cause that as well.

The main diagnostic for fibro is pain or tenderness in at least 11 of the 18 pressure points rheumatologists check. Widespread pain in all quadrants of the body lasting for more than six months is another good indicator, especially if blood work for arthritis comes back as negative (although you can have both).

THIS TABLE has listed the symptoms of fibro patients with the number of people from the original study reporting the symptoms next to it. It is a good resource to have. I hope this helps. Mikex

Hmmmm...I thought hair loss was related to lupus??? Let me look and see if I can find other lupus sufferers with this. Hang on.

Here are some lupus/hair loss links. Forgive me if you already know this info:

Discussion on the topic:

If these are not helpful I can look for other links.

You are really helpful finding out all these links and things. Thank you for helping everyone on here, LWF is better with you here xx

PS: Weakness is a fibro symptom. My ankles were giving out several weeks ago. I fell down stairs 2 times and twisted my ankle as a result. Have you considered getting a cane? There are some very pretty ones these days and they really help to keep you upright! (I use one.) Here are some pretty options available:

Hi Charlie, I have numbness, but I also have some bad discs in my back and spinal stenosis, joint damage... My hair is thinning on my head, but it could be just from the Lyrica, or any of the other meds that I have taken for years.

I think you need to ask your Dr what thyroid tests he has done on you, with bloods, and find out it he took all of them. There are several that need to be run. I am not sure if this list them all, perhaps the nurses could help me out here.

Are you a member of living with lupus on Ben's Friends? this sounds like a question for them, they are much more versed in Lupus than we are. I hope you get some answers Charlie, do all you can!

Wishing you well,


Very good point! Thank you, Angel.

Thank you, Mike. I am very pleased by your words. I love looking up subjects and (hopefully) finding useful info for people.