TELL US ABOUT YOUR PETS ! Thank God for Puss Puss!

I just realised that I couldn't have made it all this time without my baby Puss Puss. He came to me in my hour of need only a couple of days after I realised this illness was not going away.

I started making things in my garage, to take my mind off the pain and chill out for a bit, where I used to live and would leave the door open for ventilation. He came by every day to see how I was, bless him, but was too scared to let me stroke him. As the weeks went by he would chat to me and eventually let me stroke him after about 2 months. He used to follow me up to the house so far and I used to give him treats. Then he started to come in and give me cuddles, and stayed longer and longer each day. Every morning he would turn up on my kitchen window lol.

One day he decided he didn't want to go that night, and I let him, although I felt really guilty because his mummy would be worried. So I spent a couple of weeks trying to track down his family, but no one recognised him or knew any one missing a cat. I went to the vets to see if he was chipped but he wasn't, and his teeth were quite bad so he must have been homeless for a long time. She said I could adopt him, and then if he did go home, they would know who to contact. I felt more guilty then that he had been sleeping rough all the time since we met, which was about 4/5 months. I used to call him Puss Puss to get his attention, so thats what I had him named. lol. Poor thing.

And the moral of the story is... lol.... Our pets have been the most caring member of our families, that love us unconditionally and always there for us every day and night. They listen to all our problems and are there when we are down, and keep us going through all the pain and depression. (Aww I'm filling up) I'm just so grateful for having Puss Puss in my life and don't know what I would do without him. I'm so lucky...

Awwwwww, Jo. You made me tear up. Thank God for our furry friends. My dog, Tulip, has become very protective of me. And Sassy, the wonderful adopted cat, seems to have figured out when she cant lay on top of me because of the pain so she just lays right next to my head. They are so awesome, never judgmental and they always seem to know when we are having a hard time. You need to post a picture of yours. Would Love to see him.

BTW, that is a pretty awful name. LOL

Puss Puss is also grateful to you for giving him so much love and security. I think the two of you were made for each other, since he had no one to care for him either.

Jo, I do understand how you feel. My family loves me and tries to understand my illness but I was bedridden for many months and it was my pups who cuddled me and kept me company. I love my family as much as my dogs but I'm also so grateful that the pups have been here for me.

My baby - I love him so much. He is a real "chunky munky" lol. Last weigh in was 16 pounds lol. All muscle of course!! They take such good care of us don't they. He could do with training to get my emergency chocolate though. And yeah, I haven't apologised enough for his name. lol.It's just what got him to come to me when I first met him.

Our pets play a very important place in our lives. I have always had a cat. Now I have three. They are interesting, each with their own personality and each showing their unconditional love for me in a different way. I find them to be like children with their different personalities. Specially when we have a chronic illness our pets are so very important to us. I would not be without a cat. Then I would be lonely.

I love his looks! I used to work at a shelter and one of the cats looked just like him. His name was Whiskey and he reminded me of Ernest Hemingway. Whiskey had kinda chewed on ears and he was burly and muscly just like your guy. When he first came in he was mean and wouldn't let anyone near him. So I tied a broomstick handle onto a cat brush and started touching him gently with the brush. Surprisingly, he loved it and we started brushing him regularly. One thing led to another, and like your Puss Puss he became tame and decided that h wanted a forever home. One of the other volunteers fell in love with him and adopted him.

I can see why. I'm falling in love with your Puss Puss. He looks like a cat with attitude. Cattitude. Love him!

Me too. We live on our own and he's so therapeutic. He even stands on his back legs to say hi, so I don't have to bend down so far. Plus, he thinks he's pretty clever, which he is. He's learned to say loads of things too, mainly about food - ham and meaties lol. The cutest one is "Hello" - you can even see his tongue make the "L" sound. Our pets are so in tune with us and always there, not only at meal times, but when we are in (worse) pain or sad. Puss Puss even waits for me to get in bed, turn the TV and lamp off before he comes in to give me a full back and shoulder massage every night (and day when I need a lie down). Who needs a man? lol

Awwwwww thats sweet. Puss Puss is a real scaredy cat and when he first meowed I wet myself laughing because he sounds like a girl. lol. Really high pitched voice. I had to check a couple of times that he was actually a boy. Hahaha. Don't tell him I said that. He has plenty of attitude, but such a big softy.

How are your dogs Petunia? Didn't you have to take a trip to the vets the other day? I hope they're all ok. It always worries me when they need the vets because it takes a lot for them to get really sick. But you can tell when they're ill can't you. What sort of dogs are they? You should put a pic up too. I love dogs aswell. I had a couple of Inuits (husky / wolf hybrid). Absolutely bonkers! lol

Awww so cute! So you are going to live past 100 then at least! There's nothing better than a welcome home from our pets too. I couldn't live without them.

Awesome story. Almost every person on here seems to post pet pictures above all else. Interesting, huh?

I can't even begin to tell you how important my cats are to me too...I've lost 2 in the past 7 years, that I thought would kill me. Each one was so smart, and so special in their own way. Now I just have 2 brothers, Noel and Cody, who will be 17 in a month. We've had them since they were 3 weeks old, eyes just opened, and we bottle fed them. But (not to play favorites) Nollie, who owns my heart, is going downhill fast. Although he has lost much weight, and looks like a straggly street cat, he is still in there, and we still have long, intense conversations, and even though his legs aren't working so great, he still follows me everywhere, always by my side. What person will ever give you that kind of constant, unconditional love? Losing Nollie very soon, will hurt me more than losing a relative. They don't love me like he does. He's helped me through every illness and stress, so now I stay up nights because he gets anxious after dark, just to return the love, comfort, and respect he's always given me.

Your Puss Puss is a beautiful cat! Always treasure him.

Hugs to you AND your baby,


Awww Thanks Renie.

You're boys sound very special to you too. They are our family, our babies, best friends, everything aren't they. I'm sorry Nollie is not very well and I hope that he starts to feel better soon. It's nice to have someone by your side at night when it gets a bit lonely, and be there for each other.

Hugs to you and the boys too

Jo x

You have probably given that poor baby a complex talking about him like that. LOL He sure is a handsome one. Great pic.

Do you live in a zoo? LOL I wish I had a bunch but my babies are very protective and territorial. Im sure I could
D introduce a new one slowly but we have no room and no money for more. Maybe after I win the lottery and have my big ol’ house and 100 acres.

Aw, Renie I'm awfully sorry about your kitty. Losing a pet is awful and so few people understand or support you during a time of loss. Plus nothing anyone says can bring them back. I'm sorry Nollie is getting to that point. I hope he holds on for longer and stays stable. Good care (which you're giving him) keeps a pet going a lot longer than pets without it.

I only wish that dogs had cats' lifespans. I love my dog kids but at 11 they're starting to have problems.

Hahaha! He has a touch of selective hearing so hopefully I got away with it. I told him you like his pic though and he said thanks. x

That is so adorable! You got me when you said he stands up on his rear paws so you don't have to bend down to him. What a perfect gentleman! And I love the image of him rolling his tongue around to say "Hello" in Pussy Cat-ese.

And I definitely WANT Puss Puss for that nightly massage. Ahhh, that sounds soooo good! I have 5 little dogs and 3 cats (from a combined household of 2 animal nuts) and none of them has thought to massage my back. Please have Puss Puss call them up and read them the riot act! Maybe I'll have to include my pets in the Exasperating Relatives thread!

What a great post and a great mental image of you and sis as kids, rescuing local pets!

So you have 6 cats? Or a variety of dogs and cats? Alligators? Gorillas? (Sorry, being silly, getting punchy from sleepiness.)

Aww I will have to get him cloned. But for now I will get him to send the telepathic message for your lickle masseurs. He's well fed so he makes a perfect lap warmer in the winter aswell. All this and no waiting lists, side effects and he's free too! I love a bargain.

Lol. You made me laugh. Thanks sweetie!

He said you're very welcome, and when you bake some cookies next, could you make him some fishy ones please?