Thank You for all your kind words

Wow, it feels great to know I have so many friends on this site. I will take away something from each of your kind words and I know that I can now get in the spirit, and make a merry Christmas for my family.I will go on put on some Christmas carols , it is very hard to explain how I feel right now but I know a big weight has been lifted of my shoulders...

And the tears are flowing and it feels good , thank you so much.

Hope you all have a pain free day as is possible,


Sending you love and hugs,


Hello Vicky
It sounds like your tears are cleansing tears which many of us need from time to time. We’re glad that you have found a new family, a group for support. We all need support so very much. Living with chronic illnesses becomes very lonely and makes you feel depressed. This is common for all of us. But when we find new friends and support somehow the world doesn’t look quite so dark.
We are here for you. We care about you. Please feel free to reach out to any one of us if you feel the need to talk. We are here to listen and to support you.
Gentle hugs

Vicky, I am so glad you feel a little better. I’m sending you a big hug !!!

You are so special & we are all blessed by your post of gratitude !!!

Vicky, your words mean a lot to me. I'm glad that you will be celebrating Christmas with your family and I'm so happy that what we said helped you through your difficult time. Any time you need to come by here for a pick me up, please, please feel free! You've earned a lifetime of "pick me up" free passes!

Hugs sent with happiness and understanding for you,


Hi Vicky! I'm glad you're in tears... that rules out Sjogren's! :-)

Gentle hugs here!

Thank you Vicky. Merry Christmas for you and yours. Hugs.