Thank you!

To all of you who post and those that reply. I am fairly new here and have never posted because I don’t have internet access and my flare ups keep me from the library and their painful chairs, lighting and icy cold a/c. However when I do log on I get so much great info and feel a bit less crazy about all the symptoms I experience.
My life is a far cry from what it once was and I no longer understand the person I have become. As I have read your post I have smiled at your successes and cried for your struggles. I pray that God continues to fill us with strength and wisdom. Strength to continue on with our fight and the wisdom we need to overcome this battle so that we can share our knowledge and one day FREE ourselves from these overbearing chains FM has wrapped us in.
Looking towards a bright future but living one bleek minute at a time.

Gentle Hugs,


Dear Lilfoot,

It is always such a pleasure to have you, so glad that you can find comfort as well as info here. It helps us all to know that we are not the only solitary person in the world that face these challenges!

It always saddens me to hear of such a life change of the very young. Get the very best medical care that you can, and eat as healthy as you can. What ever you do, don't give up hope!

Isn't it crazy that people make and buy chairs that are so uncomfortable they hurt us, and make places designed for the people so extreme in temperature that they keep us away rather than 'invite us'? I have to take sweaters and jackets with me more in the summer than any other time, because everyone thinks these cold places would be inviting!

Stay tuned whenever you can, always good people, good topics here! So glad you are with us!



Thank you for your kind words and support.
I also find myself needing a sweater and socks when I visit places in the summer with ridiculously low a/c settings. I welcome the fresh air bc it has been 105+ and humid where I live for a couple weeks. I just can’t bear it for more than 2mins without surges of pain filling my being. Yet I have noticed lately that even though I am cold and in pain I sweat ( i nwver used to sweat before). Even my family and significant other find it odd that I now drip sweat.
I will keep in touch whenever I have internet access bc I to feel " there are always good ppl and good topics here"

I have always sweated more in the cold than in heat! It is always embarrassing, but as you get older, you care even less, but to be wet in winter is bad, my feet are always soaked, all year round! They are now treating that with botox! Not sure if I'm game for that though, I've about had my fill of injections. I do take an Enbrel shot weekly, that is enough for me!

Extreme temps seem difficult for all of us!

Hope you can find a good internet cafe or something to stay tuned with us!

So nice to hear from you, glad you are with us! Hope you can find some relief!



Thank you for all your kind words as you sit their in great pain. Please know someone is always here for you. Very Gentle Hugs Coming To You :)

I hear ya SK. ty Robin and SK this is a short reply bc I am at the library and in PAIN

Gentle Hugs

Hi Lilfoot,

That's a shame that you don't have internet access. And I never really thought about it but you're right, the library is far from ideal for a fibro sufferer.

We do understand your feelings about how much our lives have changed and how hard it is to understand those changes. But what amazes me is despite all of the heartache, we still survive and make the transition. We do cope, we learn how to live with all of our troubles and pains. And, it seems to me that every person who has come here has been transformed and comes away from it better able to cope.

I do have hope that one day we'll be free of this illness but it's not until years down the line. In the meantime, we forge these bonds and form a human chain against the fibro chains.


well said. thank you soooo much.
see you all soon I hope.


I hope so too!