The "science" of homoeopathy explained

Not wanting to make myself too unpopular I have been putting off posting this topic. A close friend of my family is spending around £30/$50 a week on homoeopathic medications. I have a very scientific mind and knowing that most countries ban them from being sold as "medicines" I decided to research further. I uncovered this article which I think explains exactly what I had found out myself rather well.

I am not saying that people should not get homoeopathic pills if they want to, that is a choice for each individual. I do however feel that it is only fair to warn you that what you are buying is nothing more than a placebo and the money spent on it is extortionate.

If any one on here decides to stop taking the homoeopathic treatment you can feel free to send me some of the money saved, I am poor and cannot afford to get the flat double glazed for winter. (Joking about sending money)


I have researched it independently as well... the part about how the homoeopathic remedies are created by dilution is completely true and even most homoeopaths will agree that there is likely not a single atom of the original substance in the product... they claim that water remembers. All I have to say to that is "how does water know what to remember", why remember substance X and not substance Y?

Also I meant to add... not all natural remedies are homoeopathic... most of them are brilliant and I would recommend several myself :)