This is how my pain looks like

Hello everybody

In my introduction thread I posted a drawing of my pain and other community members were pretty excited about it. I think it would be interesting to see the pain drawings of all of you. Show us how your pain looks like.

Here is a short guide

  1. Visit and draw your pain on the figures and save it
  2. On the next page, press 'Share now' and select the tab called 'Forum or Blog'
  3. Copy the snippet (right click and press 'Copy')
  4. Back on, go to the 'Reply to This' box and switch to 'HTML Editor' (that tiny button labeled with HTML), paste the snippet (right click and press 'Paste') and click 'Add Reply'

I'm curious about your drawings.

View my Pain Drawing

Here is my pain drawing for the day I created it. My pain like many of other moves on a daily/hourly basis. Today it is mainly in my lower back.

View my Pain Drawing

Ooh, goodie! I want to do this too! I swear, this should be a part of our profile page if we want it to be. I love it. I know where your pain is still! Visuals are great, as a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe if we showed our own to doubters, they'd believe us.

Thank you!!!

Here is mine if it works. This is my flare day. Not fun at all :frowning:
321-image.jpg (49.7 KB)

This is's been a long stressful day


View my Pain Drawing


Interesting drawings so far. Who's next?

I started to draw mine, but have had a flare up for the last 4 days, and I was red from head to hands, to toes. Want this flare to end. It is going to be sunny and warm tomorrow, hoping I will feel better.

That's how mine was too.

I would love to do this, but its not working.. the page wont load or somthing. Any tips, or maybe you can tell me how you found this and I can try to get to it that rout?

I just searched draw my pain. Then after I did the drawing I caught a screenshot.

View my Pain Drawing

This is mine on a daily basis although the pain in my arms and hands has been greatly reduced since having surgery on them both this last month. For what ever reason I could not get the cursor to pan the feet. My pain there is normally very bad all the time. I did just get cortisone shots in both feet hoping that this will allow the physical therapy I have scheduled to actually do some good. Last try my feet were swollen and purple for the most part and the therapist was afraid to hurt me so I got mostly ultrasound massage and stretching. I am scheduled for physical therapy on both feet and the right hand and elbow to start next week.

I have 3rd stage degenerative spinal disease, scoliosis, numerous TBI's when I was in my teens to twenties caused by auto accidents and a cracked skull in 1975 off of cemented tile floor around a swimming pool. Had me out of commission for over 3 months.

I have bouts with sciatica monthly because I walk abnormally due to the scoliosis and the neuropathy in feet and legs. Throws me all out of whack.

My EAR PAIN aka POSTHERPETIC NEURALGIA/GENICULATE NEURALGIA is non-stop pain that I control with opiates. Unsuccessful surgery and treatments leave me to control via medications. I have breakthrough pain associated with the GN on almost a timetable basis.

I suffer Migraines and neuropathic pain in extremities mainly feet and hands. I have something new happening with my eyes with tearing, blurring and granulation at corners... my nails on my feet and hands are pitting, spooning,have ridges and my GP is running more tests for PsA but told me there really isn't a blood test for it.

This was a cool thing to do...wish we could paste it to our profile pages.

Be sweet to yourselves everyone!

Always~Laurel aka Northwoods G-Ma

View my Pain Drawing

Hey there Josef

I did my pain drawing yesterday and didn't know what to do next.Thanks for the step by step instructions...I can't believe it worked!

It's been an extremely stressful week and I'm so flared up and feel like i'm losing my mind. The 1st thing my doctor said when she diagnosed me was that stress will make you worse. There's only so much I can turn my back on though. My nephew is slowly dying from Deuchene Muscular Distrophy and Scoliosis he has a beautiful spirit and hardly ever complains.His mother ,my sister,takes care of him at home and if is wasn't for her dedication to him and his care every day doing cough asist therapy,he wouldn't still with us. I feel like my illness pales in comparison and I don't have the right to talk about it.I know I shouldn't think this way but I can't help it.

Wrong page for this topic of discussion I know...I'm just so overwhelmed...

So here is my pain drawing, granted this is me on my period so that counts for some of this pain that I don't feel when that is not in play. (but then again I can have my period for up to 6 months straight at times)

My husband pointed out that my pain is very symmetrical and he's right. I guess I never thought about it before, but I will say it is not always that way though.

I was and am actually very insecure about sharing my pain for fear you would think I was making it up, or just being a hypochondriac like so many people in my life have believed. But than I imagine some of you most feel that too. And if there ever was a place that I could share this openly with out fear of that kind of judgment, it would be here.

So I will put it out there, with faith that you can trust my honesty.

View my Pain Drawing

P.S. I think my pain looks like a candy corn lol...

I do too...the candy corn thing...where did you find the yellow my friend?

Anyway,I didn't make it as far as you and with looking at your pain I am surprised you made it through all 4 models. I sometimes ., when my Neurosurgeon hands me the front and back body diagram such as these and wants me to circle what hurts, I circle the whole diagrams because I just rode in a car 4 hours to get there

You are sooo validated here. Fibro hurts EVERYWHERE! Hang in there Serenity and be sweet to yourself today.

Always~Laurel aka Northwoods G-Ma

I'm not sure the yellow was just there. lol

I completely understand that ... I considered just coloring the whole diagram red and calling it done. But I try to be honest about how exactly I feel, that way when people are claiming "you're making it up..." then at least I can honestly say to myself that I'm not, without second guessing myself. also I am a very particular and diligent person, I don't like to do anything half-assed. Either do it and do it right or don't do it at all lol... which leads to one or 2 rooms in my house being spotless, and the rest being a pigsty, I should really adopt another motto...

And thank you for your understanding, compassion, and your belief in me. I appreciate it. I hope you are being sweet to yourself as well, and I hope you have a wonderful day.


I know you are still very young but if your not planning on having any more children I would suggest talking to your doctor about a cervical ablation. Having a period for 6 months is probably adding to your fatigue. I had one after my last child and it has been wonderful. I still have a cycle but it only last like 3 days and it is very minimal.

Sorry about your pain, yes we all understand so please feel free to share your pain with us. All of us here know what your going through.

Gentle Hugs,


This is my pain drawing. Sometimes you don't realize what you're really dealing with until you see it like this.