Does anyone have any good helpful tips for me to help me to try to quit smoking?? I have tried EVERYTHING…i mean EVERYTHING…I really want to quit and need to. Not only do i have Fibro. i have lupus/C.O.P.D

Dear Lori, I smoke too. It is very difficult to quit when you are facing so much with these health conditions. I have fibro and myofascial pain disorder. I have heard “you will quit when you are ready.” But I am 43 and what I do not want to have happen is that I get lovely lung cancer when I am at my daughter’s wedding. Maybe if I keep that thought in my head it will help. And there are some really cool commercials that the government is putting on which make me laugh completely! I think it’s called MY TIME TO QUIT and I am not making any promises but I will check it out. Hang in there, try to cut back (I know it’s hard) and check out that My Time to Quit online and I will do the same. Maybe we can cheer each other on. As bad as it is my cigarettes are every punctuation point in my life: comma, period, exclamation point and question marke, and I hate it but that’s how it is. We can do it . … we just have to be REALLY READY.

Hi Lori,
I was wondering if you managed to Quit yet? I gave up 5 years ago, and I did it ‘Cold Turkey’, it wasn’t easy, but by the 3rd day I new I was going to ‘beat it’. Its actually easier not to smoke here in the UK as the smoking ban means you are not subjected to 2nd hand smoke in bars and restraunts.
hoping you succeded


Hi Lori,

Many years ago when I wanted to quit smoking I attended a free ‘quit smoking’ workshop given by the American Cancer Society at their local office. There was a lot of good information there, and by the time I took the workshop I had tried to quit several times using a lot of different methods, including acupuncture. Each time I’d quit for a little while but then go right back to it.

Finally, the way I was successful was by quitting cold turkey. No more tapering off, no more cutting down. I just stopped. I was finally fed up enough with coughing in the mornings until I had my first cigarette, with the way my hair and clothes smelled and with spending the money.

For the first couple of months I stayed away from bars and other places where there were people smoking around me. I straightened up my diet a lot, cut out a lot of the caffeine I was consuming every day and I put posters on the walls I had been given by the American Cancer Society - posters of people with cigarettes in their mouths and old, wrinkly skin around their mouths, and other ugly but funny pictures of people smoking and looking ridiculous. For me, it was a combination of things like that that helped me. Everyone needs to find the combination of things that works for them.

Don’t give up - I always say there are really no failed attempts to quit smoking, because every effort is a step toward quitting for good.

This November will be 24 years since I quit smoking! If I can do it, anyone can do it. Honestly. And know that you WILL get past the hard part, which is in the beginning. It does get easier, and soon you’ll find you don’t even think about cigarettes, and it won’t bother you when other people smoke around you.

I took my regular fibro meds for anxiety and I took Chantix. I used that first week to wean myself. When I started Chantix I was at a pack and a half a day. My first day of Chantix I only smoked one pack. The second day, a half a pack. The third day was five cigs and the fourth day, 1 cigarette. To accomplish this I kept myself busy and my cigarettes were always at the opposite end of the house. Don’t know if this helps.