I want to give up

i currently stopped all my medication as it made no diffrence these are the ones i tried
ive triee all these n they did apsolutly nothing everyday i feel week no energy pain nauses dizzy headaches anxiety tired axausted just sick all the time to the point were i feel lazy depressed n stress as i can do nothin i keep losing n quitting amazing jobs as i cant make it in to work most of the time i dont see none of my friends im doing a correspondance course cant even sit up to do that how do i live day to day with this n how do u guys do it n what medication r u on??

please give your opignion on how u guys do it

love all of u guys n i know how u feel stay strong easier said then then lol :slight_smile:

First of all, I'm just so sorry that you're being hit by so much, all at once, Skater. I know how you feel; I too have tried a slew of pain meds with little to no relief. BUT that doesn't mean that there's not one out there that may help.

I find that Lyrica helps my pain some. Not a whole lot but it does take the edge off, so that's something. Also, there have been a few very recent posts about people finding relief with some new drugs. If you flip back a page or two, you'll find them.

So many of us struggle in the work force because this illness makes it virtually impossible to work due to the foggy brain, fatigue and pain. Have you considered leaving your work and applying for disability?

I want you to know that you are not alone in any of what you're suffering. We all have most or all of the symptoms you describe and we all struggle with the same battle. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or cure at this time or we'd all be rushing to grab it!

The trick is to learn how to balance what's on your plate. It certainly sounds like you still have too much on your plate. It's okay to realize that and readjust your life. It's important to make your life work for you, given you're suffering from a painful, chronic illness.

Please keep coming back and reading what others have to say. There is so much wisdom here and it will help you make it thru the day and learn how to cope better.

Gentle hugs,


Thanks so much the support on here is what keeps me going it feels good to see that others r going through the same thingand as for disivility im only 17 i have to wait till im 18 to file for it i hurd its very hard to get n it takes like 2 years or so im not sure ill have to do some reserch n i will flip back as we speak to read about diffrent medications thanks so much once again

Gentle hugs as well :wink:

i am glad that u r finding the support u need on this site. as i read through your list of meds i notiiced that many were (weak) if may say so. being new to this disease u will find all meds come with trial and error. the naproxen,endomethecin,and kotrolac (aka toradol given in the iv)these r all in the same class of meds. i hope your were not on all 3 at the same time. i am not a dr but i dont think they can all b taken at the same time. all 3 of these meds reduce imflamation and help with that type of pain. as far taking amytrhiptaline and cymbalta these r both used for depression and i know many on the site r on one or them. i like cymbalta cause its used for depression and pain. i am on 90mgs. i do know that amytriptaline can b used to help with frequent headaches and migraines as well as a sleep aid. i was on it years ago for migraines i had to take it at night cause of how tired it made me.

well i gave you that info in case it may help u to decide to try any of the meds again. i went off the cymbalta cause i thought it wasnt helping and i realized it was helping the pain but i didnt know till i went off and i was in so much pain i didnt want to move. the bad thing with fibro is we all react different too each med so what works for one of us may not work for another. that is just something to keep in mind.

i am very sorry to hear about your struggle with jobs. i know that has to b very hard. i want to share what i have leardned about meds that do seem to help most everyone. i dont have name for all but i can give u the classes of meds. my mom was studing to b a nurse and i helped her so i have quite a bit of knowledge on meds i know others on here know more than me but i will share my knowledge with u.

one of the first things i would do is try to figure out what main fibro med works for u there r only 3 so u wont have to try many. there is cymbalta,lyrica,and one more i cant seem to think of. second u need to try to find a pain med to help. while i said u were given weak ones using them might help cause of the type of pain we have. i say they r weak cause they dont seem to help me but everyone is different. one main class of drugs most of use r on is skeletal muscle relaxants there r many that can help. also there r muscle relaxants like flexeril. many of use take anti anixety meds such as xanax to help relax us so we can sleep. these r in the class of benzodiazepines other drugs in this class can help with muscle spasms. the other class of drugs used is narcotic pain relievers such as narco. some drs r fine with perscribing narcotics and others dont want too.

i can imangine u might feel a little overwhelemed reading that. keep in mind you will not need every class i just want u to have a list.i used my moms nursing drug book to get the names and classes of meds. so the info should all b correct. one thing u and your dr need to figure out is what r the main things u need want to try and treat. for me its general pain and muscle spams. everyone has different pains and different problems so try to find the ones that bother u the most and start there.

i hope this helps and u r able to get medication to help. i have lots of recources on hand about meds and the body so feel free to ask and i will do my best to find out what i can. i love having all these nursing books they provide alot of great infomation. the one she has on meds is one i use all the time. i like to know all about whatever med i take and all the problems that might go with them. i say that cause no med is free of side effects :(

I am so sorry that you feel at the end of your tether. At least now that you have found this board you can be reassured that you are not alone and that your problem is very real and not a figment of your imagination. I was prescribed much the same medication as you and just like you, found that it did little if any good and certainly did nothing for the pain. The my usual Dr went of sick himself and I was examined by another Dr at the same practice. I also had started having sever pain in my face on both sides making my ears and teeth ache. Thankfully he listened and then prescribed gabapentin (also called neuropentin) for the pain. He explained that although usually prescribed for epilepsy, it disrupted the signals to the brain and so reduced pain. He also suggested that I carry on with a small dose of amytriptiline for the depression. I have to say that I was sceptical but agreed to try. I have to build up the dosage gradually over 4 days but to my delight I eventually had something that reduced the pain to a manageable level. The only problem is that you cannot suddenly stop taking them. You have to reduce them gradually. The other thing that I found very helpful was hypnosis for relaxation so that I do at least drop off to sleep even if I am tired when I get up. It really is a case of trial and error but most importantly, you must not keep beating yourself up. If nothing else, we are all here to listen when you need to talk.

Hi....You have come to the right place. We all will support you as much as we can. I know you must be going through many tough emotions right now. I also had to stop working in a career that i loved and trained for many years. Maybe you need to address the emotions as well. There are many books you can buy. Or I find journaling very freeing.

You medication list has three anti-inflammatory meds and I suppose you tried them all seperately. I know these are good drugs but they are not indicated for fibro--meaning they do not help. The amitripyline is an old anti- depressant that will not really do much for fibro type pains. Cymbalta often works but takes a large dose. Sometimes up to 120mg/day.

I have found lyrica to be a great help. ALso stretching, good sleep, massage.

I hope the best for you


To my best estimate I have been on over 70 medications in the 12 years I have been diagnosed with fibro. Most did not work for me, but I now have a great pain doc who is willing to work with me to figure out what combination will work best for me. Right now I am on nortriptyline, piroxicam, tramadol, zanaflex and ambien. So far, this combo is working. If it doesn't and I know it will konk out eventually, he is willing to tweak it or change they way we do something or stop a drug altogether. So, basically the best thing to do is make sure you have a great re pore with your doc. Tell him that this isn't working for you and you would like to try a new combo.

Good luck!

I am so sorry that you have to deal with this disease at such a young age. I have been managing fibromyalgia for over 15 years and have many difficult days just as everyone who deals with this disease. I have learned that the old body that I had is now gone and I have to manage with what I do have. I went back to school and did as much as I could online, and got my masters in psychology so I could become a counselor, which was a lifelong dream that would have never happened had I not had this disease. I have used my sleepless nights and days spent on the couch to learn to use relaxation techniques, EMDR techniques, audiobooks, documentaries, and mindfulness techniques. I use icepacks, and heating pads most of the time. I found that a pain management specialist doctor along with my other health care providers has been a great help. I try to use "what I have today" and that leaves me less time to think about "what I don't have or have lost". I am "learning", still in the process though of accepting this life, instead of fighting it or finding a cure. I realize a cure might come in the future but I leave the searching to others. All that said I still have many days of pain and exhaustion and I try to just be with it. I don't always succeed, but I have a plan of activities for those days that are spent in bed.

You will find your own way of managing this disease that works for you. You will be changed by this experience and can become more compassionate, loving, accepting, and encouraging of other people.

Thank you for being part of this support group and sharing with us your story. I hope life brings you "some joy today" as you deal with the pain and exhaustion.

So sorry to hear you have fibro at such a young age. Mine started when I was 37. I had been on pain meds and muscle relaxers for years due to 10 herniated discs. I take cymbalta, xanax, valium to sleep which doesnt help, oxycontin, dilaudid, flexeril, soma for bad spasms,. But also take meds for depression. I have been where you are now and feel for you. For the depression I take citalopram, abilify, and nortriptylin. It has taken me 2 years to come to terms with having fibro, a bad back, copd, cronic fatigue, and major depressive disorder. I would say get into a pain management dr asap or a nero dr. They seem to be the ones who know how to treat it. My family dr does all of my meds. I would also start seeing someone about the depression asap too. I am on disability now, got denied twice and approved in front of the judge when he say how I was. I find great support on this site and I have a wonderful wife. She has watched me go down hill over the last 5 years and is still with me. Working with fibro for me is not an option. I now know my limits and take things slow. I use a walker or a cane depending how much I will be walking. I sit in a recliner all day everyday with a heating pad on my back with my legs proped up. I really dont know what else to tell you. You can email me anytime you need to talk at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

I take both Cymbalta and Gabapentin. Together they give me some relief. I'm also on other meds for allergies that may be mast cell disorder related. I take Zantac and Zyrtec for that as they boost each other. I still have the nausea and dizziness you have but I'm going to be evaluated for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and POTS soon. POTS is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and may be what causes the nausea and dizziness for me. There is more about POTS and other types of dysautonomia on www.dinet.org Also more about EDS at www.ednf.org Some people with fibro may have EDS but I have no idea what the percentage is and they're two separate issues that just happen together sometimes, like for me. So few doctors know a lot about EDS that it makes diagnosing it difficult so people get stuck with other diagnoses. I just wanted to add the info for anyone who may need it. I hope they get your pain under control soon. Hang in there and it WILL get better. *gentle air hugs*

Dear Sk8er,

I just re-read your profile, my first Rheumatologist was no help either, even with Sjogren's already showing up on the labs. May I suggest that you get an appointment booked with another, one more specialized with fibro perhaps.

They say clinical trials start with autoimmune, it is a trial and error type of thing, but I am starting to think that with any ailment we go through the same proceedure. Finding the right med can be everything to you and how you feel about your life.

All I know for sure is that you cannot give up, you have your entire life ahead of you, you are young, beautiful and have so much to offer this world. I don't know why diagnosis and treatment of this condition/disease has to be so elusive, it just is. You just have to find the strength, anger, fortitude to keep you going, and going to different doctors.

We are here for you always, but NOTHING can take the place of a Doctor willing to work with you and get to the cause/reason.

I whole-heartedly understand how you feel, and I am here for you in anyway I can, but I just will not let you give up or give in. I encourage you to stay strong, check out all the links and info that these smart, brave people have given you and PUSH ON!! Find that Doctor, and get as well as you can, and then go live your life!

Love and hugs,


Figure Skater: I feel sorry for you and really don't have any helpful suggestion. The worst for me is the feeling lazy and depressed. What I've done when I went through the "I give up" stage was to make the personal decision to take Percocette pain pills which I've mentioned in many of my messages. This may not be for everyone, but works for me. I am retired now but I was able to go work everyday and now I can actually clean my house and prepare meals (not that I like to), and can actually interact with family members and feel normal for a few hours instead of laying in bed all the time. I do take two actual fibro medications (which make me feel lethargic) but I need the pain pill in order to function and actually get out of bed in the morning. It gives me hope and something to look forward to - that I will have at least a few hours of relief from pain each day.

When you quit all your medications did you do so cold-turkey? I only ask because all the instructions of medications for fibro seem to indicate that stopping them all of a sudden could cause depression, etc.

We are with you and feel free to keep expressing yourself (even venting) on this site because it is very helpful and sometimes we are all we've got.


dear figure sk8ter ~ i totally understand where you are sweetie as i am bi-polar in addition to having fibro~ so i know deep depressions and increasing amounts of pain over the years. i don't think you are on a sufficient amount of medication. find a physiatrist who is "liberal" about prescribing for pain...ask around...you might need to go out of town to find one! actually my internist is very good. once they see that you take your meds as prescribed, they are generally willing to let you try anything...and trial and error is the name of this "game." i am a deep Christian so without my relationship with God i'd be lost...so spirituality of some kind is in my opinion a KEY to overcoming chronic illness. God had a reason for making you frail...perhaps He wants your total dependence upon Him.

i take Ambien for sleep...that's right.. a sleeping pill which has worked for me for years. i take eight tabs of Klonopin for anxiety, 8 tabs of neurontin for nerve pain, ultram combined with acetominophen. i think the meds that put weight on us are a nightmare as extra weight makes us worse and makes us feel worse about ourselves.

oh yes, because of severe bursistis and spinal stenosis (i am now a young 70) i take 2.5 mg. of methadone as other narcotics had side effects for me. i take a tiny piece in the morning and another tiny piece in the evening to take the edge off of the pain. this can be a dangerous drug. it is controlled so you have to pick up a paper script, but that is how liberal my physiatrist is...we just kept trying things until we found something that would work. flexeril i s also wonderful, but i cannot take it for other reasons. i take diclofenac for inflammation.

sweetie i hope this helps you. i will pray that God directs you to a doctor who is willing to bring out the "big guns" to help you fight this pain and depression and anxiety. it is miserable, but there are times when we can soar above it...at least in our minds. we might have to use our imaginations now...you must have been a skater, i was a skier, others did somethings else. now i write and authored a Christian book called Solitary Rider. so i had to give up a career in speech and language pathology to do something on my own time. oh yes, i found that getting diaability for DEPRESSION was easier than for FIBRO...so play up that side of it!!!

God bless you ...annie

Skater, you've been given some excellent advice here.

It seems to break down as follows:

Get a good rhematologist/neurologist/pain management doctor. One way to avoid clunkers is to type in the name of the potential doctor then type "ratings" or "reviews" then Google it. I found good reviews on my current rheumatologist this way and the reviews were accurate.

Get your meds tweaked, if necessary, and changed, if appropriate. Meds really can make a difference.

Also, an anti-depressant might help with some of the symptoms. I know it's helped me cope much better with the illness and with the concept of having all of this pain. You could ask your doctor if one would be appropriate.

And finally, stick with us, kid! You'd be surprised by the help and information you get here. If nothing else, it's just nice to talk with people who KNOW.

Hugs filled with hope for you,


i am glad u have a good therapist that helps. Please stay away from the river i also have days where i want to give up. if u want we could exchange numbers so that if u need to talk u will have someone. i am glad u r getting good coping skills.

Hey Ladies, enough of this talk of giving up! We are all fighters, no one ever accomplished all that we have by giving up, so I'm here to 'crack the whip'! LOL!

Sk8ter, you never would have learned to figure skate by giving up, took more than a few tires to get that down! If you need to get another Doc, or get him by the neck tie and tell him it is time to try some new meds, if you need to, do some research and ask about a few. We just had a discussion about meds and what everyone was taking, most of them told you what the med was for.

Honey, I'm not trying to sound like a hard nose, really. I do understand, and it is a rotten shame that you and many other of the very young are getting this horrible illness, but hang in there! I know how disheartening this can be, how long it takes to get anywhere, we are the only ones who can change this, we are the only ones who can tell our Doctors that we need better meds, better care, faster and more precise diagnoses. We are the pioneers here, we have come to far to turn around.

Please rant and vent all you need to, but don't give up, please?

Love and hugs to all! Keep fighting!


It's 2:28am and I'm fully awake reading this site and wondering how in the world we all manage at all sometimes, too. I am waiting for a referral to a pain clinic. My neck is just awful. Nothing seems to help. I have a curved pillow, neck heating pad, Cymbalta, Tylenol extra strength and here I am trying to just sit up to read your replies. I'm in the process of moving to a house from an apartment building. Packing is a major issue. I have help from family but there are things that only I can do. Bit by bit I pack a box at a time. Then I go lie down. I got good news last night that my son and his family are coming Labour Day weekend to spend a few days so that I can meet my youngest grandson. I am happy about that and definitely looking forward to our whole family having a wonderful get together. So I am hoping that I get to see the pain person before they come so that my neck won't be so bad and that I will be able to hold my little grandson and play with him and his brother. One is 4 and the other is 6 months old. Regardless, it will be a lovely get together. We compensate and get creative so that we can have at least some semblance of normalcy. Some younger people who are experiencing Fibromyalgia haven't yet learned the coping skills many of us older folks have so give your self time. It's not easy that's for sure but worthwhile. Finding things that interest us that help us cope is good. Some paint, do crafts, write stories, read, volunteer and offer support. I have done all these. Wishing everyone the best day possible. Soft hugs to all.


Hi Carol,

How wonderful to meet your new grandbaby! Oh, there is nothing like the grandchildren to warm your heart! I am so happy for you! I know how excited you must be! It always is helpful, if not just downright wonderful to have something so great to look forward to! These are the things that keep us going! I hope that you are able to get some relief for your neck before they come too!

Thank you for your welcome words of wisdom, "some younger people who are experiencing Fibromyalgia haven't yet learned the coping skills many of us older folks have", that was put so beautifully! Thank you for reminding us of that, it was where I wanted to go with that thought too!

I hope that you can get through the move and have a wonderful time with your Son and his family! My good thoughts and wishes are with you for a memorable visit! Hugs the kids for us!

So nice to hear from you Carol.

Wishing you well,


Thank you. I'm sure we will. I'll post a family pic on this site of our get together and hope it brightens others spirits as well.

Seven years and I found out nothing works for me …only morphine in small doses all day…I am still sent to the hospital once a month for a shot of toradol and that helps for extreme unrelenting pain that the morphine can’t touch.it takes years to find the right pain management and then you find that that wears off also…I have other issues Heath wise and I am still finding stuff out about my spine that was dismissed because of Fibromyalgia…fight fight…