To be fair, the things we LOVE to hear from those who truly care

I though I better start a positive one too, to share the caring comments which are really nice to hear.

  • "Thanks for all your help. You have really tried your best and I appreciate it"
  • "I hope you feel better soon. Let me know when you can make it"
  • "No, it's ok. It's too much to ask. Thanks for the offer"
  • "You go have a lie down and I will make dinner when you're ready to eat"
  • "I'm sorry you're not well. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know"
  • "Don't worry if you can't make it. We can go another time"
  • "You don't look like sh... just a little tired" (lmao!!)
  • "You look like sh... Take the day off" (Hahahahaha!!)

-"it must be very hard for you, if there's anything I can do to help, just ask"

-"You look ok, just a little wrung out from not sleeping well"

-"I pray for you every day"

-"When you're tired, just go to sleep"

-"I'd be glad to help you house clean"

-"I'm trying to understand"

“I will never understand what you are dealing with but I am here.”

“I know you want to help, but maybe you can do this (the easier part) instead of that(the harder part).”

“I have a hug whenever you are ready for it.”

Awwww I went to see my dad earlier and had a grumble about this stupid illness and how frustrating it is not to help him as much as I want (like driving to the other side of the country and back), and the lack of understanding from people. I said I try my hardest to be/look normal every day of the week, to not upset others and I'm fed up that people forget this. He choked up and said "I never should have expected that of you" and "I forget I'm not the only one with problems. Sorry." Etc etc and he broke down in tears. I have never seen my dad cry in my life and it broke my heart. But it was so nice to be acknowledged, finally. It was truly an amazing feeling. Bless him.

That's sweet. It makes a big difference. My sister told me that my dad was devastated when he found out that i had a physical ailment that was crippling me, because he always knew he could count on me to be the strong one, i was the rock. Funny, he never let on to me, but he told her. I wish he could have told me, but I know anyway now.

Awww bless him. I guess they aren't so hard on the outside some times

Thanks Josephina!

The link didn't work for me but I googled it and it's a great site. It's good to hear the positive comments and words of encouragement isn't it? As for the other comments, sometimes you need the art of selective hearing. lol

Hugs back!

Lol. We have to laugh don't we, to make up for the tears. Laughter is the best therapy and its free too!

Thanks for this post. The only time anyone says sweet things like those posted here to me is when I complain about how bad I feel, and I HATE to complain to people. It's not even complaining as much as explaining why I'm going upstairs to lay down for a while, or why I'm leaving after just 45 minutes of doing volunteer work at church instead of staying the 2 hours I've signed up for. I hate having to explain myself to people!!!! However, I care so much about what people think of me that I want them to know that I'm NOT LAZY!!

Reading these sweet, compassionate remarks written here lifts my spirits and brings a tear to my eye. Thanks!

Mary.....regarding what people think about you remember this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

We all seem to struggle with this but it gets easier as time goes on.


I'll take out the trash, and you don't even have to ask is a favorite thought, I'll clean up the mess would be nice too! Surely there are thousands! Comes down to compassion or like Aretha sings R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!, Just a little bit!