To my friends

i am writing this to say a BIG thank you to all my friends on here that have given me so much advice and support over the past months.

i have had several discussions and i have gotten great advice. i cannt thank you all enough for helping me. i feel bad that no that i am working i have not been on here.

i also thought i would write this to give everyone an update.

well my jog is going good. i have gotten really attached to the boys. my body however is not liking me working. this past friday was the 1st day of starting at 5:30am. i was very worn out. the mom did tell me it was fine for me to nap when the boys do so that is helping me to get through the day. but i have been in bed around 8pm every night. and this weekend i spent most of saturday sleeping and in bed watching tv. my body hurts so much now at night it is disturbing my sleep. i dont know if my body is trying to adjust and thats why i have all the pain or if i am doing too much. i did get to start out slow cause the 1st 2 weeks they were home a good part of it and my hours were not so long. i am glad for that but this week i will b there at 5:30am every day it might change to 6am. also i found out i should b able to leave around 4:30pm not have to work till 6:30pm. there will b 1 night i will have to work that late but not every night.

i am really hoping i didnt make a bad discision in taking this job. i am really hoping all this pain is just my body adjusting. it doesnt help that the only thing i have to treat my fibro is cymbalta. i am going to try to go back to this one clinic i just to go to and see if they can help me with my fibro.

i wanted to let my friends know that they r not forgotten and i miss you all so much. i hope that as time goes on i will not need so much sleep and i can b on here more. everyone on here is so nice and caring. i hope to talk with u soon. those that have my number feel free to call during the day depending on how crazy the kids r i can talk and they do nap twice a day i usually do too :) i look forward to talking with everyone when i am able to b on more.

Hi Eeyoreluver, it is great to hear from you. I am glad you are enjoying the kids and that their mom allows you to nap with them. Hang in there and do the best you can. You are awesome!

Hi Eeyuerlover,

I hope you do well on your job. Try to pace yourself and stay as relaxed as you can while working. Do some deep breathing periodically during your work hours to help relax your muscles(you can always do it in the ladies room :") I wish you the best.


Hi Eeyore! I've missed hearing from you so am glad to get this update.

I'm not surprised that you love the kids and they love you. You just have a natural, kind heart for kids, which is a gift.

As for the fibro pain, well fibro is never kind to us, is it? Our spirit is willing but the fibro likes to cut in. You can do your best by sleeping and eating well, and wearing comfortable shoes for your job. Remember though, you are asking a lot of yourself for having a disabling illness, Eeyore. If the government has even accepted fibro as a disability, that says one heck of a lot because they don't like to dole out money to people for disabilities.

Again, do your best, as I absolutely know you will, but don't be surprised if the pain is an issue. If full-time work proves to be too much, maybe part-time work would work better for you.

Wishing you the best and glad to hear from you!


it was great hearing from my friends. i am starting to reconcider myself working this job. people told me that if i had something to look forward to and get up for i would feel better. as u can imangine getting up around 5am mon-fri is not easy but seeing the boys smile when i go in to get them in the morning seems to just briten up my day. i dont tend to notice the pain so much during the days its when i get home and try to relax on the couch that it all seems to hit me.

i know with out napping when the boys do there is no way i could make it through the day. i am hoping as time goes on thing wil get a little better. but if they dont i will b forced to quit cause i cant keep living in this much pain. somedays of cource r not as bad as others and having the weekend off really helps me to recover and b able to start again. i will let u all know how things go.

and it is very nice to have money to do what ever i want.

Hi Eeyoreluver29

Just reading through the main page and saw your post. I hope you are ok. The spirit and mind are important. I understand u love children! I just don't know how u are doing it....You are very strong. xoxoxo

Yours Truly


Hi Eeyore! Wow, I can totally relate to everything you've written. Been there and done it. I know the turmoil your're going thru because you love your job and are good at it! And take pride in it. But then there is the paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain the paaaaaaaaaaaaaaain the paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain relentlessly crushing you. Of course it is better to have something to wake up for BUT you have to balance that with having a disabling illness. You could perhps do the same type of job very successfully part time. Or else perhaps something from home. Or else disability. It's hard to know, Eeyore, because we're all different in our levels of illness.

Have you thought of asking this couple if you could do a job share, where you worked a certain number of hours and the other person took the rest of the hours? It might be a solution to your problem without quitting.

Otherwise, you could try something part time or just wait for your disability hearing. And it's time to believe your inner voice about your illness and to let go of what other people say about it. You know yourself what works best for you...and what doesn't. Do what's best for yourself.



It's so hard, isn't it? She obviously is marvelous with children and is a remarkably patient person, given how sweet she was during her horrible bout of pleurisy. But it can be pretty much impossible to do things when your body won't cooperate. We're all in that boat, aren't we, I'm sorry to say.

thank you that is a great idea i havent thought of that at all.

to b honest i am not sure how i am doing it. it just day by day and hour by hour. i have lived with lots of pain my whole life and was able to push through and do my job. i try to b strong but sometimes i just cant. i guess part of what is driving me now is that i know my mom needs help.

i will try that i dont have to worry about anyone seeing me its just me and the twins all day at their house. both parents r school teachers so i will have easy summers i hope that will help know that part of the year i wont have to work such long hours. also during breaks from school where the parents dont have to b there i wont have to work all day.

thanks i dont feel awesome but i do feel good about trying to work. ever since i was young i have loved kids.

Well, that's a very strong motivating factor! But would helping her with a part-time job be enuff? I know it's not as much money but half of the money beats none.

Yes, there is a point where we can push thru the pain but after awhile the pain makes it difficult or sometimes impossible.

Good Luck, Eeyore. Maybe work sharing will be the ticket for you. I hope you get to stay working with your sweet kids!

I would b just fine with less money to make any money is better than none .

Its the end of the 1st week of getting up at 5am. So far not so bad but by 9am I am so ready for a nap. The twins take their 1st nap around then so it works out great. I had dinner with the family I nanny for last night it was a lot of fun I had a good time. Looking forward to the holiday week end. I am working Monday but it was my choice it won’t b all day and the mom and I r supposed to some shopping for the kids or go to the zoo she is not sure.

That's good news, Eeyoreluver. Sounds like you may have found a good niche for yourself with the twins. I'm happy for you.



Thank you I am having fun with them today I set up their pool and they had such a great time. Later today my brother will b dropping off my nephew so we will see how it goes.

Awwwww, sounds like the perfect job for you! I'm glad it's working out okay. The pool day sounds like fun! Wish I could have joined you. But don't overdo your day with your nephew. Glad you're checking in and letting us know how you're doing!

Hey Sweetie,

Glad to hear you're doing so well. Sorry you don't have much time / energy for much else though. You have your priorities and you do what you gotta do. It's great when you are achieving more than you expect and the job is so rewarding isn't it. See how it goes, take it day by day, week by week. You know what your limits and sounds like you're very determined which is a great quality to have when you have fibromyalgia. Thats what pulls us through the hard days and night.

Very proud of you and hope everything continues to work out for you!

Take care and catch up soon

Jo xx