Working is not working out for me

i really should have listened to everyone on here about going back to work full time. i thought that cause i was going to b a nanny and i could take naps i could work the hours required but i cant. wone thing this job has tought me is that i think i can work as a nanny but only part time. no long days and not 5 days a week.

i guess that the thought of having money again that was mine to what i pleased with and being able to help my mom really clouded my judgement. i feel like u my friends really did know what was best for me and i should have listened and took your advice. i know i havent been on at all really since i started working and i am sorry. i hope i havent lost the great friends i have made on here.

well something that no one could have known was that the mom i am working for is so set in her ways and soooo picky that she is making my life a living hell. i have never in my life met someone like her. there r so many things that just get under her skin that every time i turn around i havee done something wrong again. i really feel that she just needs to b a stay at home mom is she is going to b so picky about everything in her house. just one example is that she went to a huge resale thing for moms of twins and triplets(i think anyone can go) and bought a whole different fall/winter set of clothes and pjs for the boys so that they wouldnt b wearing any of their new stuff( which fills a dresser up). i am only allowed to wash the stuff she bought at the sale and its all in a different dresser. they have summeer outfits that were most likly only worn 2 times and will not fit them next year all cause they might get a stain and she wants them to stay looking nice.

anyways i am currently looking for a new part time job. i need to work to help my mom. i think working a few hours a week will b good for me. it will force me to get out of bed and the house at least a few days a week. i am not going to jump at the 1st offer made i will make sure that the next family is sane. i hate that the mom i am working for now is really stressing me out and making my fibro worse. on top of that i got a horriable broncitus infection that took 2 different antibotics to clear it up and i am still trying to get rid of the last of it. i am sure if i wasnt so stressed and if i could sleep i would b better by now. i know having fibro can make getting sick worse but part of the reason i am not sleeping is from stress not being sick. i did get lucky and nyquil did really help most nights. i hate the taste but at least i could sleep.

i hope to b on more and b able to talk with my friends. i may not b on as much till i stop working this job but as soon as i am done i will be. i soooo miss being on here and reading post and tring to help others. i really miss that. so many of u have helped me and i want to help as many on here as i can.

well till next time i hope everyone is well. feel free to call me those of u who have my number. others can send a message and i will respond as quick as possiable.

EeyoreLuver, I would consider this a learning experience for you. There are many things that we have to learn firsthand. A big stressor for you is your boss. She piles stress on you every day. A different more reasonable boss would make a difference. The naps are good, but they have to take place when the children are sleeping, so you are not able to take a nap when your body needs it.

Oh no, you haven't lost any friends here. We are glad to hear from you and we are glad you took the time to write a detailed posting. So, yes you may be able to work part time and you will be more careful about the boss you have.

With so much stress on you every day your immune system gets depleted so you get sick.........and very sick!!

So, we're glad that you feel this is home and our cyber arms are open and ready to give you some gentle hugs.

You know why you wrote such a detailed posting because you knew that each one of us would understand.

We have missed you. We care about you. We will be praying that you are able to complete the rest of your time at this job.

Welcome home


I've thought about you a lot, Eeyoreluver, and wondered how you were getting along, while fearing you were doing exactly as you are. I'm sorry that fibro is affecting your work life so much, but that seems to be an universal part of having the "gift" of fibro.

I'm really sorry that your work situation isn't working out. And I'm hoping that your disability case is decided in your favor SOON. But I do agree, part time work is good to do, if you can handle it, because it keeps you up and out of bed as well as up into the outside world. I think a part time nanny job might be just the thing for you. And I hope you find one SOON.

I'd write more but I can't at the moment, as I have to get my car inspected today. I'll write more later but I'm glad to hear from you and sorry that your illnesses are so problematic.

Please send me your number again, as I can't find it! Thanks!

Hugs to you,


I second every single thing that Rachel has written here. She's another one of our angels on this site. Everything she says is so compassionate and sensible.

I've missed you too, Eeyoreluver. I worried, thinking of you hurting badly while watching children. And watching children is very taxing as it's such an important responsibility. Add onto that your illness, the stress from your mother, the stress from your boss, your fibro, and your bronchitis...girl, I don't know how you've managed to hang on AND with a sweet disposition.

I'm really moved by your words about your mother. It upsets me that she's not understanding about your illness and yet is super concerned about her younger children. Of course, they're younger and need more attention but you're in need of attention too, of a different sort. I imagine that she's harried, in financial straits and stressed but it would be so much more helpful if she'd be there for you in this. So that's why we're here.

It's also a shame that your boss is stressing you out. She's probably worried and stressed too. But it's not a good situation for you. The fibro alone is enough reason for the situation to not work. As Rachel said, it's a learning experience. You wanted to help out your mom, do what you love, and make some money. All normal things! But now you know that a part-time job is the more reasonable choice for you, given the nature of your serious illness.

Have you applied for any part-time jobs? I hope you find something very soon. I'm sure that someone will love you as a nanny, as you're extremely sweet natured and patient. Good luck and please keep us posted! And please resend your phone number.

Welcome home and be good to yourself,


thank you so much Rachel. i had tears while reading what u wrote. thank so much for the welcome back. i think of those on this site all the time even though i wwasnt on here.

i never thought about the fact i wasnt able to nap when i wanted too. i am so stressed right now abd so upset about what happened this week at work. if i have too i will just walk out even though i do not have another job lined up. i know my moms needs help but my health comes first. the good thing is that my mom and step dad r both on my side about quitting this job. infact they mentioned quitting.

EeyoreLuver, so glad to see you back ! Kinda knew that full Time job as a Nanny was a huge undertaking, but also knew you would give it 110%., that mom sounds a bit On the loopy side, geez those poor kids, they are lucky to have you. Have you told her this is not working for you, perhaps she could hire a second nanny and you could stay there 2-3 days? Just a thought, I have no doubt any family that gets you will be blessed.
Hugs & blessings


I would say one thing is certain and that is that your health is not going to improve as long as you have to work for this stressful woman.

You're not healthwise ready for another job. You have to take care of yourself and get your health back on par before you look for another job even if it were the most wonderful job this side of Heaven. So, think about it.

And if your mom and step dad have mentioned quitting, then I would strongly consider it.

I am praying that God give you wisdom concerning this job.

Love you


thanks Dee i havent said anyting yet this kinda all just came up but in all reality i just dont want to work for her at all. she has really stressed me out and coninuing working for her is just not an option.

thanks so much. i am very sorry for not letting u and everyone else how i was. i look forwaard to talking to u again. i will send u a message with my #. as alwasys free free to call anytime

thanks i hadent thought of taking some time to recover. i do think i need too. u have such great advice thank you so much for everything. there is no rush to jump back into a job a few weeks off will do me some good. thanks for all your love and prayers.

Love you


after having a week from hell i am going to go to my nieces b day party and go have some pizza and cake(my favorite). it will b a nice get away. she is turning 12 so i wont b surronded by little ones and she has some really great friends most of who i know. also i will get to b with my sisters animals who i love and they love me.

some people think i am crazy cause i tell the animals that their aunt stephy loves them. well i guess who isnt a little crazy living with fibro.

i also met a new friend on here which was great i love meeting new friends.

Sounds like a GREAT day for you. Perfect for a fibroite in a stressful place. I hope you have a fantastic time today, Eeyoreluver. It's great that you tell the animals that you love them. They give so much to us, why not give some back to them?

If your boss is that bad, it's time to go. I figured she would be, given that she was underpaying you and was so eager to get you so quickly (ie, others already know about her and avoid her.) I hope you find the perfect p-t job. It'll work for you. You'll see how much better you'll feel and how much easier it is for you.

Talk to you soon!

i ended up having a great time at my nieces party. i had lots of cake too :) my sister took the kids to a pumkin patch and they got to pick out pumkins then come back and decorite them. she got one for me and we used the cricket and got designs and traced them onto the pumkins and then painted them. i should have taken pics of mine it turned out really cool.

tomorrow is set aside for me to sleep. i am very tired but i had a great time.

Hi Eeyoreluver29

I’m new to the site, but I know how hard it can be emotionally to come to the realization that you can’t work like you want to. Our culture judges people on how much they produce instead of the greatness a person adds to our lives. I fought my disease for 26 years moving from a stressful job to a less stressful job over and over. As I’ve gotten into my 50’s the disease is winning more and more. I finally had to go on disability, everyone from work n family said it was time, but I felt guilty ( our societies pressure to produce). I’ve gotten to a place of acceptance and I feel so much more peaceful now that I control my life instead of the clock or wrist watch.

You must accept that you can’t work like you used to and that’s ok. You have so much to offer just being you. I’m Catholic and we believe in redemptive suffering and that there are victim souls. Look those up and it will be a huge help for you to move toward acceptance of your limitations.

I have discovered a crochet class that happens at a time that is in my window of feeling my best, and it gives me something to do when I’m in bed. You could sell some of your work for money, there are ways to make money that work with our illness and being at home.

I will pray for you if you tell me that’s ok. Remember we are not defined by what we produce, but by who we are thru our actions.

thank you so much for your encouraging words. i actually applied for disability after being told i should by my drs. i feel horriable about it cause i am young but no after this experience with this job i dont feel so bad. i tried to work full time and there is just no way.

i think taking a class is a great idea i will look into it. one of my friends on here makes these really cool cross neclases and she sells them at her church and other places she that she helps out at. its great that u found something to do aand sell.

i am FREE i just got fired and i couldnt b happeir. its like a weight has been lifted. the strange thing is that my mom is really happy i am no longer working for the family. i never thought she would b happy about me not working. i never thought i would b happy about not working. i will keep u all updated on what happens next job wise

I am so glad you had a good time at the party. Good for you to set aside tomorrow for sleep because even after you have had a good time your body needs to recuperate.

Love you


Well, I am sure there were many prayers said on your behalf concerning the job you had and God worked a miracle on your behalf.

What an awesome God we serve.

Probably the fact that you were really trying to work and got this job.........just your positive efforts impressed your mother and she could see that you were getting sick and exhausted and just could not handle this job. They were both in agreement that you should quit this job which was certainly in your favor.

You will find something to do with your time., whether it be taking a class in how to do some hobby or a part time job or whatever. That heavy weight has been lifted from your shoulders and now you are FREE.

I am so happy for you.

Love you


thanks so much we do serve an awsome God. i cant explain the difference in how i feel tonight compared to how i felt friday wow what a difference. thank you for your prayers.

well after i found out i was fired i found out i have a family interested in me. i have an interview tomorrow for a part time job. it wont start right away so i will have time to finish recovering from being sick. i will b asking alot more questions at this interview to make sure this will not end up like the last job. also i will not except just cause they offer it to me the next day of just cause i like them on the interview. i will never make that mistake again. i will let u all know how it goes and what i think.