I was wondering if anyone else suffers from tremors. They were really, really bad today. Especially if I was trying to drink something. I don’t know if it is from muscle fatigue, side effects from meds, or is it a symptom of the fibromyalgia. Any ideas? Has anyone had a discussion with their doctor about tremors?

This is a new symptom for me. Ive been more active than usual lately and am thinking I have fatigued my muscles because two nights ago I woke with tremors and it hasnt gone awaysince. Mostly in my arms. Its not constant,it coimes and goes through the day but Iwake up with it. I feel especially tight too soIm sure its the fibro. Im so tired of this. We have a family reunion coming up next weekend and Ill be very disappointed if I cant go. Really sad thinking about that so trying to be positive andget enough rest. Started takingvitamins yesterday. B-Complex. Hope it helps. Hope your feeling some relief by now. Hugs