Trigger Point Injections

Hello everyone. I'm wondering if those of you who have had trigger point injections for your trigger points and tender points might share your stories?

What medicine was injected?

How long did the effects last?

Would you do it again??


The best advice I can give you on these is to know exactly what ALL pain management treatments involve. Each one has a different duration, all are injected into the spinal nerve root, as far as the ones I had. Each has a further aim. I suggest you read ALL of these before going, so you know what to expect! They will tell you very little, in my experience.

Some are helped tremendously, some are not!

Wishing you well,


Hi there, Trying. These are very good questions! I myself have had cortisone shots in my knee tender points and they actually worked!!! I had them over a month ago and they are still working. Before I got them, I couldn't walk at all. Now I can, with difficulty.

I realize that everyone's experience with these shots is different but I am at least one person who can claim that they helped. If you get them, I hope you have similar success.

I get the steroid shots and blocker shots every four weeks. I get them in my neck every four weeks, my lower back about every three months and hips every 8 to 10 months. They work best for me. I have some the spinal injections that did not work for me. So make sure you know what to expect at the dr. My pain management doctor is great! Good luck!

I have had trigger point injections in the past. About 10 years ago, before I was diagnosed with fibro. The injections were to treat TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome). At that time my dr. did botox injections. I had 2 rounds of these injections and they worked for me. Following these injections I was pain free for about 6 mths. Then I moved to Arizona. The first pain management dr. I saw here, after I was diagnosed with fibro, did injections using steroids. They did not work at all for me. But remember everyone is different. What works for one of us may not work for everyone. Just make sure you know what to expect during and following the injections. Good Luck!

Thanks Kerry.

Thanks CJ

Thank you SK. Will do.

There are so many different medications and types of treatments now that I can't keep up - but the old standby's for trigger point and joint injections were the corticosteroids like solu-medrol mixed with lidocaine to make the shot less painful. The effects always varied, but the average was 3 months. Some people only got relief for a couple of weeks, some 6 months, and some it seemed like the shot 'missed', and they got no relief at all.

I've never gotten the shots, I just worked for the doctor that gave them --but most patients swore by them!

Trying - I’ve had a number of them. Like all are saying they react differently to everyone. I have had epidural injections into my low back facet joints and knee cartilage. It was cortisone and lidocaine. I’ve also had trigger point injections to my trapezius & neck muscles, which was just lidocaine and saline solution. Out of probably 12 neck injections it only broke up one knot. Felt good for a few minutes until it wore off. Then very very sore. Like SK said - ask questions to the doctor. And NEVER have an injection in your spine without it being under X-ray. The doctor needs to see exactly where they need to go with the needle.

When I’m in a lot of pain, I look forward to them because eventually it eases my pain.

Thank you Sandi!

I am on steriods for the Addison's so I am told that the injections won't be steriodal. I'm hoping for botox.

I asked my GP if they do trigger point injections and they said they do it with lidocaine. I've given myself shots of vitamins and lidocaine was always added so I know it is just a numbing (short acting) agent. I would like to have something that lasts for at least 2 weeks, if not months. HOPING!

The pain clinic (through the hospital) will have access to other meds. I also found another pain clinic which is not though a hospital. I have a consult scheduled with them later this month. I'm hoping they can do the same treatment and meds but with co-pays instead of through deductibles and percentages. I can't keep the treatment up in that way.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you!! It's so glad to find people who 'get it'.

Make sure to get a small trial of Botox before the big ones. I had a severe reaction to it, after being injected in the back of my neck, shoulders, and up and around both sides of my head to help with migraines. I experienced an increase in the pain due to the Botox loosing up the muscles too much - could hardly hold ups head! Took over 4 months to wear off. Had to be on more pain meds than before the shots. It works great on some folks, and not on others. Read all the side affects first. I could hardly swallow food and had to sleep sitting up do I wouldn’t suffocate. I should have had a test spot done, but was so anxious to get rid of the pain I wasn’t as knowledgable as I am now. I’ve learned so much from the members here!

Hi, Thrive.

I had cortisone shots in both of my knees about 2 months ago. They definitely helped me, because I couldn't bend my knees for months. Once I got the shots, I could move them again. I still had pain but less. They've lasted until recently - and maybe the extremely hot weather has made them act up again, as it's hard to bend them again.

For me, it was definitely worth getting the shots but everyone's different and some people here haven't experienced relief from the shots. I think you'll only know when you try them, since there seems to be no clear consensus.

OMG thank you so much for sharing this. Okay, well I just hope that whatever they use will work without ill effect. I'm like you -- I'll need them all over from my shoulder-blades to my head. Shoot! So the safe bet is to have a test spot done with many different meds to see what works best and worst? It sounds like it's worth it, but like you I am anxious to have the pain go away!! This info could be a God-send for so many of us!!

I am so happy to read that they helped you! How wonderful it must be to alleviate symptoms for 2 months. I'm praying... hope, hope, hope. My appt is on Thursday.

Hello everyone. I'm home recovering from my first round of TPI - 9 injections. The injection sounds so crunchy going in (to the superficial muscle pain points), doesn't it? The Dr said that's how she can tell someone really does have trigger point issues. She said by #6 the needle had dulled significantly.

So I'm black and blue but very happy and full of hope.

I am so grateful to you all and have so much love for you, your stories and your willingness to share your experiences.

I wasn't impressed with the Dr. When I asked if they have a medicine that they prescribe along with Cymbalta for the brain fog and sleepiness, she tried to blame my other meds. When I explained that I had been taking them for a long time without this level of inability to focus and concentrate, and that the Cymbalta package insert actually lists these as the most common side effects, she recommended that I see a neurologist OR A PSYCHIATRIST. Whoa.

I could go on, but why bother. Just another insensitive medical school graduate who doesn't get it and doesn't care.

I'll keep you posted on the TPI results.

Thank you Tammy. The numbing agent supposedly wore off 2 hours ago and I am told that the steroid won't kick in for 3 days (what?), but I think I am feeling better already (placebo? LOL!). No ice either. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I am feeling so good today. I woke up at 6am full of natural, happy energy. I began my 60mg dose of Cymbalta today and it is the day after my first set of steroidal trigger point injections. PLUS...happiness...I found a GP that I have used before, and with my naturopath/md's (gp) blessing, that will do them from now on for my $30 co-pay vs. from my deductible!

Yes I had 9 shots yesterday but there are no ill effects (yet). In fact, there are at least 4 more points that are bothering me today, in addition to the totality of the back of my neck.

One more note: the pain clinic dr gave me a new diagnosis which fits so well. I'm adding it here in case you might have the same thing: Cervicogenic Headache:

I need to go to a meeting. I'll be in touch again soon!

Have a great day!

Hmmm, after thinking about this, maybe the Dr was doing a good job. Isn't it a psychiatrist that prescribes adderal? Is anyone else taking adderal for their brain fog with Cymbalta? I'll set up a discussion for this, too.

48 hours post-trigger point injections. I don't have the energy I had yesterday. I wondered if the cortisone enters the blood stream, which like a z-pack could increase energy, but after doing some research today I think that it stays local within the injection area -- that's good.

Lastnight I had some pain at the injection sites, but nothing terrible. Today there is still some pain in the injection sites and also the sites that weren't treated are becoming obvious.

That's it! I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.