Trouble Swallowing

I have had fm for many years and have noticed that off and on during flare ups and at other times I have trouble chewing food and swallowing it. It seems that the muscles in my neck and throat get tired after just a few bites and I have to work hard to get the food down. I am curious to know if anybody else has had this problem.

I've had it a few times too but I think mine is related to the possibility that I may have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I'm on the Inspire boards for EDS a lot and it seems like swallowing issues are common in EDS. It could be part of fibro too but I have no real idea if it is or not. A lot of people with EDS have fibromyagia and I think I may fall into that category. That's just me, maybe someone else will have a better idea if it could be related to fibro or not.

Hi Fibroducky,

Waves is right, it can be part of the fibro, EDS, it is also an issue with Sjogren's syndrome, So I sometimes have 'double trouble'. On petunia girls post about swallowing pills there are some interesting points on this subject.

Here is yet another element to consider

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Here is a good one, and it also links Petunia Girl's suspicions of sleep apnea as well.

Yes it happens to me as well. I even have problems drinking water. It's very scary, I start chewing something and then I have to take it out of my mouth. I went to the Dr. for this and of course they blew it off. I do notice that when I have high anxiety it happens more. I hope this helps. :)

Hi Fibroducky

I too have this problem.Its bad at the moment but I do believe it has flared up because I am very nervous and tense at the moment.Also I find I also have chest pains with the swallowing problem

I also have the same promblem its hard to swallow pills i dont know why this happens sherri

I don’t have this problem.

I do with pills. They stick in the back of my throat or go down the wrong pipe, which is an awful feeling. I've also had food stick in the back of my throat.

You might want to see a neurologist or ENT about this. One of our posters has had it and now it's worsened and causes her pain to swallow. What fun, right?

Please be careful. When I'm taking pills now, I take them so that they go down the front of my throat, not the rear, to try to keep them from catching. Don't know if this would help for food, though.

I'm glad you mentioned the water issue. Mine is somewhat related - I choke on my own saliva. Does anyone else do that? I end up coughing and coughing and feeling like a fool.

Mine seems to be mostly with food but it all depends on what I'm eating. It seems to get worse if it is something I have to chew more.

I’m having trouble coughing when I eat cold food. Is this related to fibro also?

I at times have had trouble swallowing as well. I also have a small goiter, so I don't know if it is due to that or the fibro or a little of both. It's frustrating when that happens.

Hello Dawn,

So great that you had a few minutes to say hi to us!

A small goiter, oh honey, hope they are taking care of your thyroid! Seems it can never just be one thing, fibro seems to be a very big 'bag of tricks'!

Sending my regards to you and your children.

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I have problems taking pills, I can't seem to swallow them normally. I have to take pills with water and tilt my head back. I sometimes I have do that a couple times because the first attempt isn't always successful. My boyfriend says I look like a snake. I've tried to swallow pills without tilting my head but it's like it's not enough force to move the pill(s). I don't really have trouble with eating food but being so tired that even chewing takes effort sounds familiar.

I feel bad for anyone who has problems eating/drinking. It's frustrating enough when I am too weak to sit up and eat for myself but if I couldn't swallow my food as well I think I'd just want to sleep until I could function again.

I sometimes do that too and when I drink water. I have to make sure I'm sitting straight up or I'll cough.

My mother in law also has fibro and eating often causes coughing fits for her.

I do have trouble swallowing as well! Food, drinks, meds. I've also noticed when I flare up that my face becomes very swollen, like the rest of me, but it looks almost like it's falling down. My teeth hurt too, I think someone also mentioned that one. I found a whitening product the makes your soft enamel harden again and this doesn't hurt my teeth. It's also cheap. It's from Rembrandt, white bottle with green cap, kind of staunchy. It has lasted so long and it was only 6.00. Other types of whitening products hurt my teeth. For swallowing I drink a lot of water, as cold as I can stand. That keeps my throat from swelling so much. I have swallowed food into my lungs and that is so much pain on top of what you have. It usually swells my throat so much that all I can eat are popsicles or icecream for several days. I'm sorry that your suffering with that as well.

I had thyroid cancer, 26 nodules all cancer. My thyroid is gone and I still have trouble swallowing. It was in fact the chemo from that, that triggered up my lovely fibro.

thank you SK, I can't have any blood panels done until October when I have insurance again. I have been trying to lose a little weight, but I think it is because of the goiter that I put on as much weight as I have. gentle hugs SK

Oh that is not good twintch, sorry to hear that. Fibro is so hard to live with sometimes. Earlier today I had to go to my kids schools, one in elementary, one in middle school, and ended up having to walk up steps. I am totally exhausted from going up and down the steps. My whole body aches and feels like I have knots in my back. gentle hugs.