Trying to gain information on Fibromyalgia

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all are doing well! I just recently joined this website, in hopes of trying to gain information on fibromyalgia from people who have it. One of my best friends has fibro, and I am trying to learn more about it so I can be the best friend possible to her! If you don't mind can you please tell me how you were diagnosed, what other problems you may have because of your diagnosis, and describe what a typical day in your life is like. Also, can you please tell me what family members and friends have done that have helped you with your fibro? Or how they have been supportive? I hope this makes sense. I had never heard of fibro until I met my friend, so I am interested in learning everything I can about it!

Thank you so much!

Your friend,


Lindz, you sound like and awesome friend.

best way to learn is ask her what challenges her, as we each are different. these are common issues though - muscle pain, FATIGUE, a need to pace well (do a little then rest, then do more), and weather changes make many of us feel worse, as can what we eat. Fibro is often not alone and there wind up being more diagnosis after that one.

check out discusions and blogs here too. search box is upper right corner of page.

hugs, OM

Hi Linz

I have some wonderful friends like you and just knowing they are there is a great help. The fact that you want to find out more is testament to your friendship. My friend Aimee did the same. It sounds awful to say but you will never completely understand beca use your not in it but you dont have to to help. I have what I call my flare friends when things are at there worst I canring and they know i am at rock bottom. These friends I have explained most to.

Help can be so varied from practical things like helping with the housework, personal things like washing your hair when you cant move your arms to one of the most important which is just listening. Many sufferers myself included isolate ourselves and dont talk because we dont want to put on our friends or we think they are not interested. This may well be your hardest task, getting through that. Even though i have great friends I still recently hit rock bottom and pulled away from everyone. But my friends are still around even sneakily using my son to get to me. Sneaky but inspired and now appreciated.

Every sufferer is different and each of us copes differently. Sometimes I want to be alone and need to be alone. You will need to find your own way with your friend but she is lucky to have you. It will not always be easy to be her friend but hang in there.

Good luck and feel free to contact me.